How Offshore Ruby Development Can Help Your Business

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What do Shopify, Airbnb, Fiverr, Zendesk, and GitHub businesses have in common? According to GitHub, their websites are built with Ruby, which belongs to the top 10 programming languages. But why is it popular, and how can your business benefit from hiring a Ruby developer? Let’s find out!


About Ruby Development

Ruby programming language is popular because its code looks similar to plain English sentences. The most popular application of Ruby is a framework for website creation called Ruby on Rails (RoR). RoR holds relevant codes in HTML, CSS, and JavaScript languages, which can be extracted with Ruby commands.

There are many tech-related business tasks that Ruby on Rails helps to complete. For example, this programming language is an excellent choice if you need to: 

  • Develop a SaaS product. 
  • Create a website for a social network.
  • Open an online store with advanced browsing and secure purchasing options.
  • Design a platform for stock marketing services.

And if you think about enhancing your tech team with a Ruby engineer, it’s time to consider the offshoring option.   So let’s take a look at the pros and cons of this solution, and learn how you can do it. 


Market Trends of Offshoring Ruby Consulting Services 

IT teams offshoring has become very popular. Someone prefers using the term “outsourcing” when talking about hiring programmers from distant countries with lower average payrolls. However, outsourcing also includes nearshoring (hiring devs from neighboring countries) and onshoring (employing staff inside your country).

The global IT offshore market grows together with the number of IT functions and roles. And offshore Ruby development is among the services that are in great demand. That’s why offshore Ruby agencies appear on the global market. And they successfully meet the needs of US and EU businesses for an offshore Ruby developer or a dedicated team of experienced RoR programmers. 

Most companies that look for seasoned Ruby developers abroad on their own struggle to do that quickly. However, local offshoring agencies can deliver turn-key solutions within several weeks. And their offers are full of benefits: they find highly-skilled engineers at budget-friendly costs. 

Here are the primary responsibilities of Ruby on Rails developers that offshoring companies can help you hire: 

Benefits of Having a Ruby Development Team 

Once you need to build and maintain a top-notch website, launch a SaaS product, or open an online store, hiring an offshore Ruby team is a win-win outcome for your business. And here are only some of its benefits:


  • You’ll get a cost-effective solution. Hiring experienced Ruby developers from countries with a lower cost of living lets you save on their payrolls. Sometimes you can save up to 20% when contracting remote programmers outside the USA and Western Europe. In addition, you save on office premises and administrative expenses. 


  • You’ll have sensitive data secured. Since Ruby has been popular for more than ten years, it boasts top companies among its active users. RoR’s web applications are protected from SQL and script injections, file inclusion, CSRF (Cross-Site Request Forgery), XSS (Cross-Site Scripting), and other attacks. There haven’t been major vulnerabilities for the last six years. 


  • Your team will be highly productive. Ruby on Rails boasts multiple libraries, modules, script generators, and other tools that make coding quick. This way, Ruby developers can build a website within one hour. Moreover, experienced engineers can integrate their favorite front-end frameworks with RoR and leverage all instruments in use.


  • You’ll leverage the experience of other coders. Ruby on Rails framework boasts one of the most contributing communities. So, if your team faces a business task they don’t know how to approach better, they can always get answers from the developers who have already found the solution. It’s something like a global help and education environment for developers.  

Among the drawbacks of RoR are its low runtime speed and slow booting for projects with significant traffic. Probably, this is the reason for RoR’s other drawback –– slowly decreasing popularity. 

Hiring a team of offshore Ruby developers can be a great growth opportunity for your business. Ruby on Rails solution is cost-effective, secure, easy to develop, and fast to implement. So, RoR is the right technology for startups, e-commerce, and SaaS companies. And a little bonus: experienced RoR developers usually know other programming languages.

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