How Online Gamers Are Changing the Dynamism of Social Media Apps

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Today one of the reasons why people are crazy about social media sites are online social games that they can enjoy over there. These social networking sites are a common platform for online games to develop in the virtual medium. The Younger generation can play online games, compare their current and previous scores, and challenge fellow friends and much more. Due to diversity in the user demographics using this social media sites, various social games have emerged meeting varied age groups. Thus, we can say that social networking sites and apps have increased the chances of playing these games.

Be it PlayStation, X-Box, PC, Kik Games on the Kik App, mobile games, online games in Facebook, or video games this industry generate global revenues of more than $100 billion annually and rising at a rate of 10% every year. So, it comes as no surprise that marketers are considering this as an area of hot cake to generate more clients and more revenues.

Today Kik is more than just messaging App. It is through this App that you can stay in the loop with your friends. All you have to do is create a user id. No phone numbers are needed. Due to the widespread popularity of Kik, Games giant Zynga have launched its second game, Words with Friends, exclusively for the Kik platform. Though Zynga used the Facebook platform in the early days to grow now it is betting on messaging platforms with Kik.


An Explosion of Information, Mobile Games, social media Games

Today Social networks not only contribute in delivering info on online games to the gamers. It also acts as a platform where these games are being played. Kik Mafia has been a worldwide success amongst everyone right from kids to their parents, businessmen to working class. Such is the level of enthusiasm that One British Member of Parliament was caught playing this addictive social media game in the House of Commons.


Professional Gamers changing the dynamism

The games available in Social Media Apps have penetrated the new markets and have created a new wave amongst game players. Now the competition is being conducted in an international forum for grand prizes. Live Streaming is done which audience of thousands can see how these professional gamers have changed the media dynamic surrounding online games.


Social Media and Game Application Developer 

Due to worldwide demands, IT leaders are developing new gaming applications that can be connected with social media platforms. As far as gaming applications is concerned, social media plays a pivotal role in spreading mass popularity about the game. Application developer also looks for a lucrative way of creating a larger hysteria among online game enthusiast. The same strategy has been employed by developers for making Gaming applications like Candy Crush, Kik Games, and Temple Run so famous. Most researchers have also agreed to the fact that social media has been essential for a social media application’s strategy.

Social networks are quite popular these days and users are in look out for innovative ways to stay in touch with their friends and followers. So, many game app developers for social media Apps through which they can post their progress, score, or record them in their popular social networks. This will allows greater fan following for the game.

Many researchers across the globe continue to analyze the correlation between gaming apps and social networking websites. It is through data mining that helps them find out the type of users who engage themselves in social gaming and what is the underlying reason behind these gamers visiting some specific social networking sites to play games.



Using Data tools, developers try to understand the physiology behind playing these games. Overall, the game app developers use social media to attract more and more users, studies have also revealed that social media has a substantial effect on the time spend on gaming online by the users. That is the reason why it generates so much traffic.



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