How Pub And Bar Games Survived The Digital Revolution

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Bar Games

It’s amazing to see how classic pub and bar games like darts, poker, and pool have managed to retain a certain amount of popularity on our digital gaming devices.

Although the current generation of next-gen console titles continues to amaze us with their incredible graphics and open-world adventures, there’s something about old-school games that continues to hold a certain amount of appeal.

So whilst you’re waiting for the release of Red Dead Redemption 2, here are a few classic games that can keep you entertained on your gaming consoles and smartphones.

Bar Games

Perhaps the best place to begin your retro gaming odyssey is to check out the 42 All-Time Classics game that was released for the Nintendo DS. With many bar-room classics like checkers, backgammon, and dominos, it gave us all a pocket-sized chance to reacquaint ourselves with the legendary gameplay of these games.

Whilst playing darts on a Nintendo DS was never going to eclipse the real-life version of the game, 42 All-Time classics did manage to provide a pretty decent way to play legendary card games like Texas Hold Em and Blackjack.

Billiards balls

Although you couldn’t use these card gaming simulations to gamble against friends, it did manage to give us a good indication as to how websites like InterCasino would be able to provide us with a great simulation of these casino tables games thanks to the way that players could compete in real-time and win real money from their smartphones and tablets.

But it’s not just casino table games that have proven to be a big hit on our mobile devices. One of the biggest smartphone gaming apps of recent times is 8 Ball Pool that was developed by Miniclip. This great pool simulation cleverly manages to emulate the fun of this legendary bar-room game in a way that could be easily played against friends online.


In fact, there are many classic pub games that have been successfully adapted for smartphone users. From Galaxy Darts Night that has been played over two billion times on iOS and Android devices, to Backgammon+ that was created by Adikus and gives us a great way to enjoy this board game without losing any pieces, it seems that there is something addictive about these old-school titles that just won’t lose its appeal.

And with even PlayStation 2 titles like High Rollers Casino giving us the chance to play casino table games on our consoles, it seems that these legendary pub games are never going to go away.


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