How Students Can Organize Their Technology Pile

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Technology Pile

Are you an avid tech user and have a substantial amount of tech devices lingering in your space, room, or office? Then read this article through til the end to learn some valuable tips you can apply in real-time right away to keep your tech organized.

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Moving along, here’s how you can organize your tech pile:


Declutter And Make Some Space

This is an especially useful tip for hoarders. And for us who aren’t hoarders, things still accumulate over time for several reasons. The best thing to do first when trying to organize your space is to declutter and make space for new equipment. Or, in any case, just let go of devices and things that you no longer need.

Feng shui doesn’t only apply to household furniture or decoration; it can apply to any space. Decluttering your space also declutters your mind. Micro is macro. If you’re stressed out by your surroundings, it’s time to change it.


Safe Disposal

Technological devices store data, so make sure you’ve deleted any personal files on old tech devices before disposing of them. Do not throw batteries in the trash can. For example, it’s best to go to a recycling area for tech waste or even sell your scraps at stores. A simple search engine browsing will usually point you in the right direction.


Nothing More Useful Than A Shelf

In the comfort of your own home, you can use shelves to store your tech devices neatly. If you don’t have any shelves, it’s very easy to set them up yourself or with the help of a family member or friend. Shelves can be great for storing and organizing just about anything. They will also help declutter any messes you have.

If you don’t live in a house and are staying in a rented apartment, you can:

  • Purchase a bookshelf and use it to manage and organize your devices.
  • Purchase shelf-like furniture that can be folded or mobile furniture to keep your devices on.
  • Create a makeshift shelf yourself if possible.

Shelves are great because all your devices will be plain to see, and you won’t have to worry about trying to find them all the time. Categorize and organize them to make it even easier to find them. And if you’re strapped for cash, go to a second-hand store to buy shelves that are cheaper but still useful.


Pay Extra Attention To Cords And Wires

Wires and cords are the easiest things that mess up and get entangled, which can both be annoying and dangerous. You can avoid this sort of clutter by investing in a cord or wire-managing accessories. Luckily, you’ll be able to find such things online or at your local tech store.

Purchase any additional accessories to keep your wires or cords in place, like rubber bands. For chargers that you regularly take outside, you won’t need to place them in these managing systems. Just be sure to keep them away to avoid entangling them with the rest.

Don’t skip this step if you have a lot of devices with cords and wires since it can be quite dangerous if all of them get entangled with each other.


Charging Stations Help

If you find that you don’t have enough electrical outlets to charge all your devices on, invest in extension cords and large ones at that. Do this, especially if you have numerous tech devices that need to be charged constantly.

Categorize your charging stations as well. Use one charging station for laptops, PCs, etc. And one for smartphones, tablets, and smaller tech devices.


Keep Everything Stored In One Place

If you can help it, try to store everything in one designated area to avoid losing things and losing time when trying to find them. Of course, neatly organize them and separate them by device type and size. For example:

  • Store small tech devices together in a protective case or bag.
  • Store chargers and the like together, using rubber bands to separate wires.
  • Store Bluetooth devices together.
  • Store headphones together.

By doing this, you’ll cut the time needed to locate a particular device, and you’ll know that all of what you’re looking for is going to be in one place. If you have cameras and equipment that are fragile and functional, be sure to keep them in their protective cases when storing them. This will help you prevent them from breaking.

SD Cards

Store SD Cards

SD cards are small and can be superbly easy to lose. Imagine losing one with terabytes of data on it or crucial data that you most definitely don’t want to lose. By investing in an SD card case, you’ll be able to keep your SD cards organized and safe. They’re affordable as well, usually costing about $15.

We strongly recommend not skipping this tip since we know all too well the dread of losing SD cards, especially those that can still be used.

Taking Care Of The Main Devices

Your phone, laptop, PC, and tablet are usually your main tech devices, so be sure to take care of them properly by keeping them organized. Invest in a laptop case bag for your laptops. Get screen protectors and case protectors for your smartphones. You can also invest in a screen protector and case for your tablets.

And when it comes to your desktop computer, just make sure to clean your PC and get rid of dust so that it keeps functioning right. Be sure to turn your desktop off fully when you don’t use it, and so on.

If you don’t want to lose any of your main devices, keep them all in one place, maybe on your main working station table. Like this, you’ll know they’re safe and organized neatly.


Keep Your Headphones In Sight

Since the introduction of AirPods and wireless headphones, storing headphones has become relatively easier and less chaotic. We remember how wired headphones were so easy at tangling themselves up in our pockets.

However, devices like AirPods can get easily lost, so be sure to keep them somewhere visible, like your main working station. Wireless headphones are harder to lose, but you should remain vigilant. And always keep them charged.

Taking care of your technological devices ensures that they have a longer life span and ensures that they don’t get too easily lost. By following our tips to the T, you should be able to turn your messy workspace into an efficient one. We hope this article has shed some light on the topic and will help you declutter your mess if you have one.

By maintaining a tidy tech workspace, you’re doing yourself and your devices a favor. Start today if you’ve already accumulated a mess in your room or office. It will make your life that much easier.

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