How the Salt and Pepper Became So Inseparable

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How the Salt and Pepper Became So Intrinsically Linked

Joe Hanson, Host of the PBS Digital Studios series “It’s Okay To Be Smart” took a look at the common pairing of salt and pepper and fairly explained how they became so inseparable, despite his extreme distaste for one of the pair. It essentially comes down to the fickle taste buds of Louis the Great

Salt, or specifically sodium chloride.It’s the only rock that we eat, the unlikely joining of a poisonous gas and an explosive-metal and when paired with water it provides both the incubator and ingredients for life. …but then there’s pepper. One spice to rule them all. If you thought salt was interesting, pepper is is a thing. …Throughout the Middle Ages it was common to see many spices used in the food of the wealthy, but the enduring popularity of black pepper may owe itself to one picky eater.Its said that Louis XIV demanded his food lightly seasoned, preferring only salt and pepper be added. The French cuisine developed then was the basis for much of what we eat today…



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