How to Beat Poker in Red Dead Redemption 2

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Rockstar Games conjured up another winner with the inimitable Red Dead Redemption II. This pulse-pounding adventure takes players back to 1899. It’s a blistering spectacle of action-packed entertainment. Players get to hitch a ride with Arthur Morgan and the Van der Linde Gang with federal agents in hot pursuit. Red Dead Redemption II unfolds at a blistering pace and players are immediately thrust into the thick of it with bounty hunters, gangs, and federal agents in tow.

Players are blessed with plenty of choices when it comes to defending against the merciless advance of the feds. The weapons of choice include 50 unique options, plenty of ammo, and customization par excellence. You get to pick your weapon of choice at the Wheeler, Rawson, and Co Sporting Goods and Gun Department. Guns include the Cattleman Revolver, the Volcanic Pistol, the Springfield Rifle, the Sawed-Off Shotgun, and the Litchfield Repeater. You certainly can’t be caught off guard in this merciless territory. Players will do well to retrieve all of their weapons from their saddles when leaving their horses behind.

Red Dead Redemption II features a unique element known as Dead Eye. This weapon slows down the action so that you can pick off your enemies – one by one – with incredible accuracy. These weapons are great for fighting bad guys but they won’t help you much when it comes to winning poker contests in the saloons. If you happen to find yourself in a bind at the poker tables, and you certainly will, you’ll need an entirely new skill set. We will get to that in just a minute. For now, it’s important to know everything there is to know about your gang.

The Van Der Linde gang is spearheaded by Dutch Van Der Linde, an outlaw par excellence. In his own words, ‘They’re chasing us hard because we represent everything that they fear.’ Other in-game characters include Tilly Jackson, Hosea Matthews, Molly O’Shea, Javier Escuela, Susan Grimshaw, Pearson, Micah Bell, Lenny Summers, Charles Smith, Reverend Swanson, Bill Williamson, Uncle, Karen Jones, Leopold Strauss, John Marston, Arthur Morgan, and Abigail Roberts, et al. It’s important to know this cast of characters because you’re likely going to be squaring off against them in games of poker.


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Now Let’s Get to the Poker Tips, Tricks, and Rules…

After the blistering forests of New Hanover and the icy caps of Ambarino, the gunfights, and the gambling activity at Flat neck Station, you’re prepping for a showdown of another kind. RDR2 is set around 1900 in an open world environment. This is North America and it’s a tough place. You’re basically using Arthur Morgan as your avatar to navigate this dangerous world. To do so requires training him to be the best version of himself possible, given the situation. Morgan is no stranger to using deadly force if he has to. Morality and ethics certainly don’t rank high on his Totem Pole either. But, a fine poker education goes a long way to making him a star player who can win with his skills, not his six-shooter pistol.  Let’s start at the beginning of the story, with a mission known as Who is Not Without Sin in Chapter 2. Who will be meeting you here? None other than Reverend Swanson. He’s inebriated beyond compare but he’s a heavy gambler with a penchant for big betting. Get him off the table and out of the game. Then insert yourself and start cashing in with this $0.01/$0.02 game. Funnily enough, the first game is a little rigged in your favor so you’ll make some cash by getting the drunkard out of his seat.

You’re going to need skills from the second hand onwards. That’s because random number generators are used to determine the outcomes of every hand. That’s good news partner because it means you get to use your poker skills for winning hands. There are lots of places you can saddle up and play some poker, including Saint-Denis, Tumbleweed, Valentine, and Blackwater. You’ll get plenty of chances to practice poker online in the game against your buddies. The gang loves a challenge and poker is ready to oblige. For $0.02/$0.04 games, check out Saint-Denis. In this gaming milieu, Saint-Denis is the biggest city and you’ll certainly get to show your steel with the Flop, Turn, and River in this game.


Fine Tuning Your Red Dead Redemption II Poker Skills

In RDR2, poker is a mini-game. That means it’s not going to influence the outcome of your main game. Wait until you get to Chapter 4 of RDR2. That’s when you’ll have an opportunity to play at the Riverboat Steamer against a group of scallywags. The night in question is ‘A Fine Night of Debauchery’. Your job is simple at this point: get Mr. Desmond Bligh out of the game and relieve him of his cash. It’s a rigged game mind you, so you’ll know when to hold and when to fold. Don’t bother taking help from Herr Strauss, the Australian money lender. Since this is RDR2, you know that there’s going to be a gunfight. So, whether you’re playing your way to victory or shooting up the place, you’ll be grateful that you’re on the right side – the wrong side in this case. Be sure to read up on poker rules so that you’re ready to take down your opponents at the table.

The game is peppered with poker challenges throughout.  Various challenges are available for you to compete in. You can win 5 hands of poker during the game and complete a challenge, or simply bust a poker player in 3 unique locations. Yet another poker challenge requires you to win 3 hands in a row. Don’t be under the mistaken guise that poker hands in RDR2 are a walkover. Just because it’s a mini-game is nothing to be dismissive about. The players are unique; they are pretty good at their craft and the experience is as realistic as it can be. Just as you would expect, the name of the game is Texas Hold’em and you’ve got to get ready to shuffle up and deal!


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