How To Become a Freelance Graphic Designer

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Graphic Designer

The gyration of technology brings lots of alteration in occupations and opportunities. A decade back, most of the services and products were offline, whereas presently, most of the professions can be acquired via digital platforms. This resulted in the expansion of the freelancing world. Freelancing is a self-employed profession, where people are paid based upon the project period. It has no specified protocols; the freelancer maintains their T&S and the most commonly opted are writers, marketers, designers, etc.

Among them, the freelance graphic design is currently in the limelight due to its immense diversity. The role of a graphic designer is to project the message of any venture or organization by using attractive visuals in the form of images or digital sketches or by customizing the textual data. Every type of business needs visual communication from logos to brochures; it is the key element of all types of businesses. This makes the graphic design, on the most demanding jobs, the graphic designers give visual recognition to the organization. In addition to this, many of them master web designing too, resulting in web development and designing simultaneously. Some companies recruit an in house designer and a few of them on project-based connected with multiple clients.

  • The first and most important step is to know which domain of graphic designing you fit in. Below we’ll take a glance at different types of graphic designers
  • Visual Identity graphic designers – These designers work on those elements which define the identity of the firms or brands, from logos to the shapes of packaging to maintain their uniqueness.
  • Art & Illustration

These designers create real artwork and then transform them by using software according to the client’s requirements. It is widely used by YouTubers or Digital marketers as it provides us to pen down the original ideas. The type of tasks includes animation graphics, games, personalized designing of various types of goodies, infographics, books, albums, and so on.

  • Ecological graphic designers – they design for the places where audiences can get influenced directly like murals or for any specific events.
  • Commercial graphic design – To outreach to the targeted audiences, the companies always look for attention-grabbing techniques like designing banners, flyers, presentations, advertisements, or customizing blogs to showcase their products and services with a captivating touch.
  • GUI (Graphics User Interface) designers – User Interface of any application plays an important role in creating a better experience, this domain’s designer works on those micro-changes also like the appearance of common blocks of a site or an app like click here, enrol now, or tap to enter, these designers are well versed at web designing, theme design for a website, or creating a game’s interface.

Furthermore, it is necessary to get comfortable with the required software for graphics designing. There is much software available, but most of them are paid, and it’s better to go with the paid version due to their security and periodic updates. Please take it as a one-time investment in building your career.

If you are a beginner, it is important to learn graphic designing before you start freelancing, you don’t need an institute to learn, as you start exploring, you’ll come across various types of certified courses with either exclusively focused on a particular type of graphic designing or offering the bunch of related types altogether which will help in approaching towards the professional you.

Now, we are done with the setup and learning the required skillset. Therefore, the next step is looking for suitable platforms. Due to the increase in demand, it is easy to find hundreds of websites, who act as a mediator between the client and the freelancer but you can find your desired work while working as a freelance graphic designer at Dormzi where you can get a kick start.

The next comes, ways to survive as a graphic designer-

  • Defining your niche and expressing your expertise.
  • You are creating your unique identity to harness the audience.
  • I am spending more time building connections and extending the network.
  • If you are getting a chance to do a combined work, don’t miss that opportunity, it’ll help in building more connections and learning from other’s perspectives.
  • Never take too many projects at a time, analyze your efficient working hours, and then decide how many projects to welcome.
  • You are keeping a check on your payments to avoid any conflict with clients.
  • Set your workplace, be it a computer with the minimum required configuration or other supporting tools needed for graphic designing. It is important to arrange all those pieces of stuff.

After all this, you are all set to head up to your journey as a freelancer. Apart from practicing those tips, it is important to be patient and stay prepared for the worst cases too, as sometimes, you might face clients who might deceive you or make you feel undervalued.

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