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Dota 2

The Dota 2 video game from Valve has interested not only gamers but also gambling enthusiasts. The eSports discipline has many unpredictable conditions on which you can bet your money and make a profit. But before starting to practice it is worthwhile to figure it out theoretically.

The release of Dota 2 took place in 2011, already then the first The International with a prize pool of $ 1 million was announced. The essence of this game is that there is a battle on the map between two teams of five people. The winner is the one who destroys the enemy throne located on the opposite side of the map. Team players control virtual characters who use their abilities and can purchase items for in-game gold. Initially, everything looks very simple, but if you look deeper, it turns out that victory depends on many random factors, player interaction, correct decision making, and the ability to quickly press buttons. Even at the peak stage, when teams have not yet started playing, there is a huge opportunity to lose the meeting by choosing the wrong characters.

It’s always interesting to watch your favorite teams play on the professional scene, but it’s much more enjoyable if they can bring a little profit. To do this, you need to figure out how to place bets in Dota 2 for real money.


Dota 2: how to bet on results

The most common type of bet is the outcome of the meeting. Most often, teams play bo1, bo3 or bo5 when it comes to the grand final of the tournament. Now the betting line offers a lot more predictions:


  • which team will make First Blood;
  • the number of couriers killed;
  • at what minute the first Roshan will be killed;
  • the number of destroyed towers;
  • the number of Rampage done!


In anticipation of the annual The International, some bookmakers are adding even more predictions. This applies not only to the final stage but also to the qualifying qualifications. To understand the basic rules of betting and how to place bets in Dota 2, you can ask the professionals for help. There are many training sites that offer their own strategies for making money on bets.

Dota 2 First Blood update

How to place bets in the game Dota 2 via bookmaker office

Most beginners ask the main, most important question: how to place bets in Dota 2? There is only one answer – through the bookmaker’s office. There are many bookmakers that specialize in classic sports and esports. To protect yourself from potentially bad resources, pay attention to reviews and the presence of a license from the Federal Tax Service. The advantages of a good site will be an extended line of bets, a wide range of tournament events and the presence of a Live mode.


How to bet correctly Dota 2: ready-made predictions

There is no definite answer or guide to this question, otherwise, all bettors would be millionaires. However, there are resources that offer ready-made predictions for upcoming matches. These results are provided by professional analysts who understand the discipline and follow all kinds of materials. But the outcome of the match may not always correspond to reality, so you have to trust such predictions at your own peril and risk.


How to bet in Dota 2: odds

Betting odds are controlled by the bookmaker. They affect the cash payment, depending on the level of training of the players, the previous results of the team, personal meetings, changes in the first team. All odds are displayed before bet confirmation so that the player has a full understanding of the potential profit. Most bookmakers use decimal format.

Reading this article will give at least a superficial understanding of how to place Dota 2 bets. Remember that it is much more interesting to understand analytics and make your own predictions than to buy ready-made results. Winning your favorite team can bring emotional pleasure as well as significantly increase your income.

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