How to Bring Board Game Night to the Next Level!

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The origin of board games dates back to ancient times. Basic versions, played by royals, with dice on a flat surface were some of the first. Others used carved pieces resembling characters and were most likely the predecessors to chess and backgammon. 

Moving over to the present day and game night is a mass participation activity, no longer only for the elite. It’s a fun and popular pastime amongst families and friends. Some even have a bit of a cult following.

This article looks into ways to take your gaming nights to the next level.


Where to Start

Hosting a gathering to play board games may take a little more effort than just inviting a few friends over to hang out. Don’t let the prep put you off; here’s what you need to consider.

Where, Who, and How? 


Start by finding the right spot. If it’s at home, a large table with chairs like your dining room may be best. If you want a cozy feel, opt for a lower surface with cushions on the floor. Check If you’ve got enough space to pack out all the game pieces and give each player enough room and a bit of freedom to maneuver. 

When deciding who to include, you may need to be a bit strategic and not only invite your besties. Consider who enjoys the same experiences as you do and if you need to adjust the numbers to do it in teams or pairs. 

Think of each player’s experience too, or add in some time to teach those who are not too familiar with what you’re playing yet. You can also motivate participation as these evenings are very social. A number of these can also help improve cognitive abilities, so you’ll play and learn simultaneously. 


Picking the Right Games 

Deciding which games to include doesn’t have to be too tricky. You can keep it casual and bring out the favorites only, or if you’re up for a longer evening, why not a series of game nights. Then you can build it up from light entertainment to the more intricate ones to end on. 

If you’re unsure if it’s a crowd-pleaser, there’s even a nifty way to assess your board game motivations and persona. It combines statistical data and analyzes how a set of preferences and personality traits work together while you play.

If you’d like to keep it fair, ask all the participants for suggestions and put it to vote or use a draw as part of the proceedings, like rolling a dice, and the person with the highest number gets to pick the first game. 


Next Level – Theme It

Once you’ve decided on the participants and picked your games, the ultimate event night needs a theme. Go by the seasons like Halloween, festive, or valentines, or take inspiration from the board’s concepts. 

Here you can go all out and design an invitation to celebrate the storyline. Why not create a menu to match and set up a few decorative items to suit the topic? 

Ask your guests to dress up to fit in with the game genre or come as their favorite character. Some ardent fans may even want to show off some memorabilia like these DND hoodies from D20 Collective.

You can complete the look and feel with thematic music and light settings for the perfect ambiance. The only rules here are to keep the vibes at a level so you can still keep a conversation going and see the playing field. 


Final Thoughts 

Playing board games is a fun way to socialize, and as the host, you control if you go all in or keep it low-key and casual. The essential part is that you plan and get the right elements in the mix. 

You can bring a board game night to the next level by various additions like your menus, music, and a dress code, or decorate your home accordingly. Regardless of the games you choose and the people you invite, your event will be memorable when you pick a theme and max out the experience for everyone.  


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