How to Build Perfect Design For Healthcare Website?

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Customers take the choice of a clinic much more seriously than the choice of other products on the Internet. This differentiates medical marketing from promotion in other niches. The relationship between a hospital and a patient is much more complex than that between a seller and a buyer. It is necessary to create a medical website to provide the most complete information about doctors, services, and equipment. This is the only way to win the client’s trust withhealthcare website design company.


Who needs medical websites 

The creation of medical websites is relevant for organizations providing services for the treatment and prevention of diseases.


Multidisciplinary clinics

Such clinics need multi-page corporate websites with detailed descriptions of treatment areas, proposed procedures, and a team of specialists for each area.


Specialized medical centers

When creating sites for narrow-profile centers, take into account the specifics of this area. Then the site will turn out to be informative and useful.


Dental clinics

Dentist services are among the most demanded, so this niche is highly competitive. Avoid templates of the same type, make your site memorable.


Cosmetology clinics

The target audience of such clinics is homogeneous. Most often these are women over 30, and teenage girls. Design the site according to their wishes and characteristics – this will increase the conversion.


Public hospitals

When referring to public health facilities, patients often have negative associations. They are considered old-fashioned, and poorly equipped. Such stereotypes are far from always true – many state clinics are equipped with expensive devices.


Women’s consultations

Reproductive health care withweb portal design company is relevant for girls and women of all ages. The site of gynecological consultations is necessary so that patients get information from official medical sources, and not from amateur forums on the Internet.

What should be on a medical website: visual and functional

To make the page of the medical center convenient, and informative, think over its structure and functionality.


Approximate structure of a medical site

The basic structure of the hospital site must be created according to the requirements of the Ministry of Health. The page must contain all the necessary documents, contacts, and blocks with a description of doctors, services, and rules for admitting patients.


Service catalog and conversion elements

For high conversion, the user should not spend more than 30 seconds looking for the desired procedure or wondering where the feedback form is. Create a convenient directory with an online booking function.


Information about each doctor

This information is needed on the site in accordance with the requirements of the Ministry of Health, but photographs and descriptions of the doctors’ experience will also help to gain the patient’s trust.


Price list with navigation

Users are always interested in the price of a product, including medical services. There are hundreds of procedures in the hospital and each has its own code, which is often not familiar to the client. Therefore, the page needs a search function.

Add a price list with drop-down subsections, and information on possible additional material costs, or special procedures. This will allow the patient to calculate the exact cost of their visit.


Appointment calendar

The calendar will help you to find out the working hours of doctors, and the hours of procedures. Add the ability to immediately make an appointment with the desired doctor – this will save the client’s time and increase conversion.


Results of procedures

For some branches of medicine (cosmetology, dentistry), photographs of the results of procedures are the main indicator of professionalism for site visitors.


Equipment list

Add a description of the equipment, and photos of actual procedures with its use. Emphasize the quality, and modernity of devices. This will enhance the image of the clinic in the eyes of the patient.


List of procedures

Does your clinic offer a unique operation? Using the most gentle, painless treatments? Tell about it on the website, and describe the benefits of treatment in your medical center.


Blog with articles from the doctors of the clinic

An expert blog is essential for a page to be useful and trustworthy. After reading a medical article written by a doctor, the user will have more reasons to choose this particular specialist. Such a blog is also important for SEO promotion of a medical clinic website.

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