How To Buy, Find or Locate Your Kosatka Submarine in GTA 5 Cayo Perico Heist

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Kosatka Submarine in GTA 5 Cayo Perico Heist

GTA Online is a multiplayer action-adventure game by Rockstar Games. Rockstar just released a new update with a brand new heist and a lot of new awesome features recently. The new heist is called the “The Cayo Perico” and to enter the heist you need to get a submarine called Kosatka. If you need some help with it, then here we have a guide on how to buy and find your submarine with a few of its features.


GTA Online How To Buy Kosatka

To buy the kosatka submarine, you need to visit the diamond casino music locker. Go down the stairs and then to the opposing side of where you entered the room. You will see a bouncer there and will meet Miguel Madrazo and then you will see a small cutscene.

After that go to the travel and transport buy menu then visit the war stock cache and carry menu. Inside you will find the new submarine called Kosakta with the base price of $2,200,000. The most important upgraded Kosatka will cost around $9,085,000, which is a lot of money.


GTA Online How To Find Find/ Locate Kosatka

After buying the Kosatka submarine, if it’s not revealed on the map, you can try asking the submarine through the menu. To find your submarine, go to any beach or near the sea.

Open your interaction menu and access the services. There you will find an option called Kosatka. Choose the submarine and you will get the option to request the Kosatka. Once you have asked for a submarine, open up your map and you can find the submarine icon near you.

You can again open your interaction menu, then go to the Kosatka services and request for a Dinghy to reach your submarine. Or just use your helicopter to get to the submarine.


GTA Online Kosatka Features

The Kosatka submarine is really huge and it is packed with a ton of features. It has its own sonar station that identifies other submarines or underwater treasure. The submarine is also packed with deadly guided missiles, weapon workshops, and storage space for moon pool vehicles. The moon pool vehicles come with a sparrow helicopter and an underwater vehicle called Kraken Avisa. All these options you need to add while purchasing the Kosatka or you can buy them later.

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