How to Buy the Best Couch at the Lowest Price

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Best Couch

To buy a decent couch doesn’t mean to choose the first available and cheapest option with the wrong shape and size and dump it a few months later. Such purchases are too expensive to make them without considering the details. Doing so, you risk spending a lot more buying a new couch again, not to mention the time you’ll waste.

It feels so great to know that you bought a piece of furniture which will serve you for years to come not losing its shape at the best price. Let’s try to choose a couch and save some cash.

What you need to know when buying a couch

1) The brand matters

Opt for branded furniture made by well-known, time-tested factories (it’s better if the manufacturer and the seller are the same company, as such businesses value their name, and you can be sure of the quality of their furniture).

2) Double check

Ask the seller for production and hygienic certificates. If the price of the couch is low, this doesn’t mean that it should be potentially harmful to your health.

3) Do some research

Before you start looking for the best couches for sale, find out about the materials and structures they’re usually made of (ask the seller about the frame, the folding mechanisms, and filling). A welded metal frame is the most durable option. The wooden frame will serve you for a long time, as well, but there are some things you should take into account:
– The parts must be fixed with bolts only. Screws aren’t the most reliable option when it comes to wooden frames.
– The material must be dry and perfectly polished.
– The best materials for making a cheap but durable couch are pine or ash. Some elements can be made of MDF.

The next thing you need to pay attention to is filling. Quality soft furniture has springs inside. Such models have good orthopedic properties and durability, but their price may be slightly higher than we want. Here are some nice and inexpensive fillings:
– Polyurethane foam. It makes furniture seats elastic and holds the shape well.
– Hollow fiber. This is a synthetic fiber in the form of elastic balls which quickly restore their shape.

When choosing upholstery, the main features are practicality and wear resistance. Stores will offer you all the types of upholstery they have (these maybe microfiber, velour, jacquard, tapestry, leather, and flock). Microfiber is easy to clean and has high durability. Velour quickly wears out but looks great.

And the last but not least, be sure that you know what type of couch you need – stationary or modular.
– A stationary one is perfect for large rooms.
– Modular models consist of several elements and fit into smaller spaces.

4) Try online shopping

In online stores, the prices on couches, as well as other furniture, are usually much lower than in furniture stores where the rent and staff salaries cost a lot. But you need to be careful. Shop online only if you’re certain that the manufacturer is reliable because choosing furniture from the photo is almost the same as buying a pig in a poke. If you live in NJ, there are great Fairfield furniture stores where you can shop safely.

5) Price/quality ratio

Buying the cheapest couch possible isn’t the best idea. It’s better to choose models in the middle price range, as their quality is way higher than that of cheap models. Don’t want to spend the whole amount? Buy in installments.

6) Take your time

Furniture manufacturers always attract buyers with new stuff, special offers, promotions, discounts, and sales before they begin selling their new collections. If you’re sure of the manufacturer’s reputation, take advantage of one of these promotions. This is a great way to buy a couch, paying much less than it actually costs.

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