How to Choose a Best Portable Projector for Better Gaming

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People of different ages love playing computer games, however, the majority of gamers are either teenagers or in their twenties. Many computer games are famous globally and a lot of people play those as their favorite pastime.

Advancing technology has taken gaming to a whole new level where the usage of joysticks and projectors has become common. Gaming projectors have already become quite common in the market but now, the best portable projector is gaining acceptance.


Reasons for buying a gaming projector

A gaming projector is quite different from a standard one. Gaming projectors compromises of high resolution and brightness. Moreover, they must provide the feel of a giant screen to the gamer rather than the clarity of a television. Thirdly, these projectors should be totally compatible with the recent gaming consoles.

There are some terms that you should follow when looking for a portable projector fit for gaming purposes. Here are the key terms:

Look for the features

The best portable projector should have all the required features that make it fit for gaming. First, you must study all the requirements of the gaming console and choose a projector accordingly. Otherwise, it might be compatible at all. Moreover, a gaming projector must support:

Excellent graphics and pictures: The portable projector you choose must have high resolution and provide HD image (Preferably 1080p). Secondly, it must have high lumens of brightness as it gives a great experience in the case of gaming.

If a room has a source of external light, try to buy a projector that gives brightness above 1000 lumens. Furthermore, or high definition games, you need to take a portable projector that gives about 1500 lumens brightness.

Fast response: Gaming projectors must be highly responsive. Otherwise, you cannot enjoy gaming properly. Look for the best portable projector that has a low input lag. You can get projectors having around 50mm input lag at a reasonable cost.

Rate of refresh: The best portable projector ideal for gaming should have a fast refresh rate. It determines the synchronization of audio and video when a game runs. Moreover, the high refresh rate of a projector is good for the eyes. Always remember that a projector that supports 1080p video needs no resizing the refresh rate for lower resolutions like 720p and 1280p.



Portable projectors are slightly more expensive than normal ones. You must search and study the features of a projector before buying one. Several e-commerce websites provide outstanding deals for purchasing the best portable projector at reasonable prices.


Dimensions of the screen

Before seeking a gaming projector you should check its screen dimensions. Moreover, be aware of the length of the projection room. A good gaming projector is compatible with multiple screens. Check if the projector provides a screen size of 40 mm to 200mm. Within this range, you can expect the best portable projector to be compatible with the console.



Room Setup

The aspect of room setup is crucial when it comes to portable gaming projectors. You must be clear regarding the following things:

Sources of light in a room

Generally, projectors work best in a dark room. You need to install a projector in a room with minimum sources of external light. Using opaque curtains or reflecting glasses on windows can help to restrict the light.


Tabletop or pocket projector

Portable gaming projectors are available in different dimensions. You can choose from the tabletop or pocket projectors. Tabletop gaming projectors are bigger in size than the pocket counterparts. You can also mount the tabletop ones on the ceiling. It totally depends on the preference of the users.


Final Word

The idea of playing video games on projection is excellent, however, one needs to pick the right device. Normally, the best portable projector for gaming comprises quality materials that can sustain prolonged usage. As a gamer, you should always check both compatibility and warranty for the device.

Thoroughly following the above points can make your gaming projector purchase easier. Avoid taking any hasty decisions regarding the purchase and try to compare different products on e-commerce websites. Even if you purchase a projector as a gamer, avoid overusing it to restrict any damage.


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