How to Choose a Drawing Tablet For Your Hubby: Buying Guide

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Drawing Tablet

Choosing a graphics tablet to unleash your creativity

These are an important tool for any digital artist. It is almost impossible to create an impressive piece of computer art without using a good tablet. Such devices have many wonderful features and functions that an artist may need to express his thoughts digitally. Nowadays, this kind of devices is quite popular and affordable. Of course, there are different “classes”, from models for amateurs to professional ones, which are quite large and heavy. All variety of drawing tablets you can check at, but firstly we have to go deep on how to choose right tablet.

Before buying a tablet and starting doing some stunning art, you need to do some researches and compare different models regarding their features, characteristics, and prices. Consider visiting, which can save you a considerable amount of time. The website is easy to use and it has all the information you need to know about a tablet. However, knowing all the characteristics of a device is not the only thing you need to do. Here is a comprehensive buying guide that will help you to choose the tool that will perfectly suit your needs, no matter how good you are at drawing.

Focus on your skills and needs

The first question you need to answer is “What do you need a graphics tablet for?” Here are a couple of possible answers. You may be an amateur artist who would like to start creating digital art and draw different pictures, which are not super complex. Or, you may want to use it with 3D modeling software to create assets for your own game. In any case, try to be objective and answer the question “What do you need it for?” If you want to try it and see where it will get, then do not consider buying the most complex and expensive model. It may be a device with a small active and a small amount of reading speed. In this case, you will get a general idea of how the drawing process feels. Plus, if you do not like it you will not regret losing too much money.

However, if you want it to find a tablet and turn it into a source of income, then consider buying something more complex. A good device with a high amount of reading speed will catch even the slightest movement, so it will feel like an old-fashioned way of drawing with a simple pencil.

A very important factor for you to keep in mind while you choosing a drawing tablet is your skill of drawing. That is the time when you have to be 100% honest with yourself. Of course, we always want to be better at something we like to do. Try to be unbiased and answer the question “What is my skill of drawing? How good am I at it?” If you are just an amateur, then you do not need the latest model with all those fancy functions and features. A small tablet will be a perfect starting point. It will help you develop your skills. Drawing with a graphics tablet is not the same as drawing with a pencil after all. If you are a skilled person and you can draw good with a pencil, then consider spending some amount of money on a suitable, modern device. You should always remember that it is just a tool and there is nothing magic about it, it is all about your skills.

Specifications of a drawing tablets

Just like any other device, a drawing tablet has certain specifications and it may be difficult for you to understand what they are for. Here is a quick and simple explanation of the most important features.

  • The sensitivity of pressure. The term is self-explanatory. The device registers the pressure level you generate. It is the same as if you draw with a pencil. If you do not press hard, the line will be very thin but if you push hard, the line will be wide. However, the pressure data that a device gets can be used to change different parameters, like opacity (it depends on the software you use)
  • Active area. It is the area where the device registers movement of the stylus. Small tablets are very mobile, and you can take them wherever you go, but in this case, you will not draw using long strokes. On the other hand, devices with a large active area are immobile. Some professional models are quite large and heavy, so you cannot move them that easy
  • The higher the resolution the more precise the device registers the position of the stylus. If you want to create highly detailed images, then consider getting a model with high resolution
  • Reading speed. This parameter shows how frequent the device sends information about the stylus position to your computer. The higher this amount, the more precise your movement is rendered. Modern devices have high reading speed, so they are lag-free
  • Extra keys. It is very convenient to have extra keys on a stylus with the necessary functions, so you do not need to use your keyboard. However, you should be aware of driver compatibility
  • Driver compatibility. Before buying a tablet, you should make sure, if it is compatible with your OS and software you are going to use. Otherwise, it may not work properly

The necessary software for drawing tablets

We may consider a tablet as just a tool that generates a special kind of signal. In other words, you need software that will help unleash your talents. When it comes to digital art, the first thing people think is Adobe Photoshop. Of course, it is an excellent tool with many useful features and manufacturers of tables design their products to make them work perfectly with it, but Photoshop is quite expensive. Of course, there are many free alternatives.

However, Wacom has a special offer for their clients. If you buy a certain model, you will get a coupon that will let you download the necessary software.

Tablets are used for 3D graphics as well, for example, they are often used with ZBrush to create complex models and shapes that can be later used for games of movies.

As soon as you have software and hardware (a tablet connected and ready) – you are good to start creating art, which you can promote in future through different platforms.

Choose the right solution

First, you should understand what you need and how good you are at drawing, then consider how much you are ready to spend on a tablet and then compare different models. Consider the fact that some manufacturers (like Wacom, which is super popular) and quite expensive because of the brand name. Therefore, you should pay more attention to the specifications and features of the device.


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