How To Choose A Trustworthy Online Casino

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Online casinos have been surging in popularity over the last few years, and while many industries are struggling to cope with the COVID-19 pandemic, the online casino industry is flourishing at an estimated $59 billion. Technology has allowed online casinos to provide hundreds of different games on their sites from blackjack to slots. Even better than this are the live dealer versions of the popular table games such as poker, roulette, and blackjack in HD quality. And since so many people have smartphones, mobile casinos have been developed to provide the same amount of quality as the original online sites accessed by computers and laptops. You are literally carrying a casino in your pocket and have access to thousands of them. But as always, with any technology, there are many disreputable casinos which are designed to scam you out of your money in many different ways, that make up the bulk of the choices you have. So, it is extremely important when choosing an online casino to know what to look out for, which casinos to avoid and how to know when to avoid them. Thankfully it is not that difficult once you know the basics.


Look for reviews from other players

One of the easiest methods to separate a legitimate online casino from one that is designed to remove your money is to look for reviews from other players. This is extremely easy to do; just type the name of the online casino you are considering registering with, with the word review, and you will be given hundreds of reviews instantly. An example of a good casino review site is Japan 101, they help Japanese players find reputable casinos to play online. For example, here is their breakdown of the best online casinos for players residing in Japan.

When reading reviews, there are a couple of things to pay attention to. One of the most important is the welcome bonuses that almost every online casino provides. Most casinos will give you a welcome bonus of $30 dollars for example have you wager for a certain amount in order to withdraw any winnings. Scam casinos would only give you a welcome bonus after you have made your first deposit and then set ridiculously impossible to achieve withdrawal conditions without offering you any money back if you don’t meet them. Another thing to look out for is the RTP or payback percentage and hit frequency that a casino has on their games, especially slots. Payback percentage is the percentage of all bets every player makes that gets paid out, after thousands of spins. Hit frequency refers to how often you can expect to win something on each spin. Scam casinos basically have a 0% RTP and hit frequency, meaning no one ever actually wins.


What type of license does it have?

Every legitimate online casino has a license and it’s usually issued by the Malta Gaming Authority. This is extremely important because there are a number of specifications that an online casino needs to meet before it acquires a license. As mentioned above, games require a realistic payback percentage and hit frequency as this makes it fair for the player and allows them to earn money. Pay attention to the license the casino you are interested in has. The good news is that even if you aren’t familiar with the specific licenses, you can check online as there are websites that are devoted to giving lists of verified licensed casinos. If the license isn’t easily visible when you enter the site and cannot be found, then the casino is most likely fraudulent and should be treated as such until proved otherwise. The only time information like that is being withheld is when there is something to hide.


How good is their customer support?

Another telltale sign of a fraudulent online casino is the level of their customer service. The most important thing to any casino is their customers, as that is where the money comes from. Naturally, almost every licensed online casino has fantastic customer service, ready to solve any problem you might have so you can continue gambling. Scam casinos are designed with the intent to steal your money so customer service would not be an available feature. And the final tip in relation to customer service is the withdrawal speed. Legitimate online casinos use certified third parties and any withdrawal you make should be reflected in your account within minutes. If it takes longer than a few days, then the casino is most likely fake.


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