How To Choose Good Router For Gaming

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With the advent of technology, tech and gaming companies have evolved so much and have designed innovative, breathtaking visual games. These games will give you a real-life animated experience. Gaming provides a thrilling experience that is why most people are turning their passion for gaming into a career.

However, one requires a brilliant internet connection for playing such high-end games. To enjoy the game to its full potential, one needs to play it at a high-end internet speed. Routers are of different types, and there is a distinct type of router specially developed and sold for gamers available in the market. If you are a gamer or thinking of turning your gaming love into a full-time carrier, then the first thing you should do is install a gaming router.

Investing in a gaming router might feel like overkill for most, but if you are a gamer, you know that you could never underestimate the routers’ value for gaming. Keeping this in mind, I’ve taken the time to explain the features that make the router the best on the market. If you still feel it difficult to find the best gaming router, we suggest you to take a look at the collections of Markevans gaming routers for Xbox and PS4. Also, you can find the complete review of every best gaming router for Xbox and PS4 on the market today.


Features Of A Gaming Router

  1. Great quality of speed
  2. Various antennas
  3. Upgraded and up-to-date features
  4. Reduced latency
  5. Especially for gaming devices
  6. IoT devices


Things to know before selecting your gaming router

  1. Size of your room or home where you want to set up your gaming router and your computer.
  2. Be sure about exactly is the speed of your current Internet service router.
  3. How many total devices you connect with the internet service router in your home.


Below we have mentioned ways to choose a good router for gaming

  1. Capacity and speed of the Processor and RAM – if your processor speed is high, then your gaming router will transfer data at a much higher speed to the devices connected to it than a standard router. That means the Quality of speed directly depends upon the processor you are using. So, try to find the best device for your gaming session to enjoy the enhanced speed.
  2. Internet speed – The speed through which your device receives data via a router so that you don’t have to deal with latency while using the Internet. As mentioned above, a high-end internet connection is a must for enjoying high-resolution gaming with reduced latency and blur pixels.
  3. Wireless Capacity- Wireless standards keep upgrading with every latest update in technology. You should know about your gaming router’s standard or capacity so that you can buy the best one available in the market with the latest wireless standards.
  4. Low latency – The processing time your computer takes to reach the website or another portal is called latency. You should choose a router that follows low latency so that you can enjoy gaming with high resolution. The best gaming router will have latency reduced up to 20-30 milliseconds. However, if it goes beyond 150 milliseconds, then it will get affected.
  1. 11ac & Gigabit Ethernet – trust me or not, the wired connection is the best for gamers. There are reduced chances of signal getting lost, and it offers faster speed than a wireless router connection. You don’t need a wireless router for gaming because you have to sit in front of your PC to play games continuously. However, wireless routers are mostly preferred for phones and laptops.
  1. Easy to use software interface – Prefer a router whose setting page and installation process is easy to understand and has a user-friendly interface. You should buy the router whose setting page is simple enough for you to understand and view network traffic or connected clients and offers a great quality of speed/ service. Some prominent routers have come up now with a phone app to easily install and connect your devices with it anytime and anywhere.

Some of the best gaming routers available in the market are capable of passing on up to 3 channels as a time. One of the most basic things which gamers ignore while buying a router is “making sure how many devices they will connect with it at home”. It’s better if you install a separate router prioritizing for gaming. You should know that no matter how latest your gaming router is, its speed will get affected if the internet speed is low, and you will face latency while you’re gaming sessions. Also, consider upgrading your devices such as a better and smooth responsive mouse and keyboard for enjoying the game to its fullest potential. Gaming routers are likely to be prone to get hacked or attacked by hackers like normal routers. It’s better to update your router from time to time and to install a security set up.

We know that it can be hard to choose the best device from various market options. We hope it will be much easier for you to find your router for your gaming setup. Try to study the router you are interested in buying so that later you don’t have to face latency, rather enjoy your high-end gaming sessions with HD resolution and crystal clear pictures.

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