How To Choose Mobile App Promotion Service?

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Mobile App Promotion

Starting a promotion you should choose a mobile app promotion service. If you want to order incentive installs, note that there are companies that offer installs by bots and real people. Both types have advantages and disadvantages. Depending on your aim, you can choose one or combine them. Let’s have a look at the difference between them.


Bots vs real people

The procedure is similar in both cases: you order motivated installs by a specific keyword. Incentive users enter the keyword in the search field, scroll results, download your app, and make in-app actions. If you order installs by real people, you can also ask them for app retention. It means that users keep your app on their phones for several days and repeat in-app actions. It shows the algorithm a consistent interest in your product, and your rank grows. Besides, you can personalize these actions and give users various tasks. However, it’s hard to check the correctness of all users’ actions: whether they browse from the right region or repeat activity after the correct number of days. So, the human factor and failures are the main disadvantages of installs made by real people. It’s reasonable if you need a small amount like 10-20 installs per day. But it would be challenging to find people for more downloads. Thus, it makes more sense to buy installs by bots. They guarantee accuracy and are available for large volumes of installs. Apart from the installs, there are incentive reviews and rates as well. If you want to order all incentive actions on one platform, pay attention to keyapp.


Mobile app promotion service that gives marketing results

As already stated, there are two options for motivated installs: made by bots and real people. You can order downloads by real people if the amount isn’t too big or you want to ensure app retention. In turn, bots are accurate and are practical for massive numbers of installs. Consider your goal and choose your mobile app promotion service wisely to improve your rank with keyapp promotion platform!

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