How To Create a Design in a Team

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Working on some design material and need to put your team to work? This can be arranged in different ways. You can have a Zoom meeting, where you are guessing from the words what exact button should be 1 degree right, no doubt. You can invite them to your home (which is not a great idea if you live in different cities). Or you can use a multiplatform tool which allows you and your friends or colleagues to work on the same project together in real-time. Try VistaCreate design collaboration online and see it for yourself. To achieve the maximum result you will have to be as efficient as you can, which can fasten the process of work. To avoid delays when sending the project to another designer, they make remarks and give it to another one…the process will take months just to make a promo or a cover. So, isn’t it better to have a more modern solution?


What perks does VistaCreate have 

VistaCreate is an online editor which has a library of thousands of templates for each design solution. Here you can make Facebook covers, YouTube thumbnails, Instagram posts, and much more. There is also a video editor where you can add and edit video material for your blog and add some music with no fear of copyright law. There are some additional benefits of using this tool:

  • Personalization – you can add pallets, fonts, pictures, and logos to the editor so they are always near and you won’t have to search for them in the depths of your computer. 
  • Plenty of materials for customization – there is a huge amount of free video, image, music and GIF content for any occasion. Whether you want to make a unique birthday greeting card or promote your business – everything is in one place. Use the search bar to find the right template from the category.
  • Instant share – you don’t have to download and share your work, just copy the link from the app and everyone will be able to see your creation. 
  • If you need to make a similar design but for different platforms, just save the design and choose the appropriate template, copy-paste the content into it and simply readjust the position of the elements if there is a need. For example, if you created a collage for Instagram, but want to share it on Twitter, copy the contents from the Instagram design, find in CreateVista library template for Twitter and paste it there. That is it.

That is why you should try to work in a team on VistaCreate. It is a much simpler and comprehensive tool for teamwork than to have a meeting over Figma or Adobe Illustrator especially if you are a beginner in web design.


Additional information

Now you don’t have to finish web design courses or even watch long hours of tutorials to understand how to make pictures on the Internet. All this is possible with a single online editor. Before making a team account you will have to register on VistaCreate and then turn on the team option in the settings. If there are not enough tools, photos, videos or any other content, you can always invest in more exclusive stuff by donating for a usage. If some complications occurred while you started making your first design there are some tutorials to help you. If they didn’t-feel free to ask customer support, who will tell you what exactly to watch or click on. Create your first unique design with VistaCreate or keep promoting your business with stunning visuals even today!


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