How To Deal With Difficult Assignments in College

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There are different types of assignments; some are easier, and some are harder to deal with. “Sometimes it can be really frustrating to get on the train and do an assignment, as it seems to be impossible to do!”, says an education expert from EssayYoda. That’s why college students have to be knowledgeable of the ways to deal with difficult assignments. My tips will encompass several categories of a possible solution to the issue with difficult assignments, ranging from the mental mindset to practical solutions that can help you out.

How to avoid procrastination if you have to deal with something complex

Set an atmosphere

This may sound kind of weird, but setting an atmosphere for studying, especially when you know that there is a hard assignment to complete, is very important. So, my first piece of advice is to use music! It is a well-known fact that a proper kind of music can sharpen students’ focus, boost energy levels, and keep up a positive mood.

Also, remember – your working space should be as comfortable as possible. Do you think that you get too distracted at house chores or your cat? Try working on the assignments in your local library or coffee shop, whatever suits you best. Maybe you consider your usual to have too much light or vise versa. Do something to make yourself comfortable as it is impossible to focus on hard assignments when something is distracting you – whether it is bad lighting, a bird chirping outside, or a mess in the room.

Don’t leave the hard part for later, it’s a trap!

The next thing to do is, to begin with, the least favorite work first. This may sound silly for some people, but if you begin with the hardest and least pleasant parts of the assignment, you will be able to use the maximum amount of energy to deal with unpleasant things, while leaving the things you are more excited about for the time when your energy levels will drop, thus giving that important dopamine boost and keeping you up and motivated!

Use modern technologies to the fullest

Web resources are so useful!

There are lots of very useful applications and web resources to help out a student in need. Well-known things such as Grammarly and Hemingway should be a go-to for any student facing a complex assignment. The thing is – being focused on content, you can easily forget about things such as style and grammar, which can leave you with no positive results despite all the effort. So, remember these things.

Apps work too

As it was noted before, there are also great applications for studying. The easiest example is to find some alarm app that gives you notifications about the task at hand. This way, you will be able to remember that spooky assignment and even motivate yourself with promises of a future reward! Any kind of note app is also important to have. After all, having a large note on your smartphone’s main screen is a great reminder of what has to be done. I also used note apps to keep progressing with complex assignments when on the bus!

            Leisure is important

Overburdening yourself while working on a complex assignment is really easy, you don’t want to do that. Burning out is a very dangerous thing, but there are ways to combat that, and quite entertaining ones. You might have guessed or not, but I am talking about games! There are lots of studies pointing out the video game educational benefits, including the increase in attention span, enhanced decision-making, and problem-solving capabilities. This way, you will be able to prevent potential burnout, make some pause breaks, and have a good time!

Working with others is a key

            You are not alone

Remember that you are not alone when working on a complex assignment. First of all, if you think that you are stuck with a task at hand, don’t be shy and go for advice. I would suggest beginning by asking your professor. However, this is may not be an option as there are different professors. So, looking for solutions online is a viable option as well, there are different services to assist you with that. Considering the fact that the Internet is just a room full of treasures when it comes to information, it isn’t that hard to find a hint for a solution!

Looking for help isn’t a sign of weakness – I always emphasize this aspect. So, if asking a professor or looking online didn’t yield results, just go and talk to your peers. Often, you might find out that your college “colleagues” are more than capable of helping out and will do so with great pleasure. Students helping other students has always been one of the cores that hold the colleges together. I used to look for help online and found safe people to assist me. You just have to look carefully enough and, trust me, you are most likely to find really easy!


Working on a complex assignment is often hard work. That is why it is so important to make a proper atmosphere and adjust your surroundings. If you’re uncomfortable with something, adjust that to make working conditions. Music is a very effective stimulant that can help you focus, keep attention, and maintain a positive mood.

Technologies are giving access to tools that can really ease your life when working on a hard assignment. Things such as Grammarly, Hemingway, and simple tools like alarms and note pads are so-so useful for any student. Playing video games has proved to be beneficial for your attention span, decision-making process, and problem-solving skills.

Finally, cooperating with others is a key to overcoming any burden, including hard-to-do assignments. Your professor and peers can help you out, and there is always the Internet, a treasure room of information and helpful people. So, keep your nose up and remember that those tough assignments are not as hard as you may think they are.

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