How to Download Mods In Farming Simulator 22

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Farming Simulator 22

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In this post, we will guide you on how to download mods that can transform your gameplay experience in Farming Simulator 22. Mods don’t affect achievement progression, and most simply deliver a helping hand, particularly earlier on in your farming voyage. Using this guide will make sure you successfully install whatever mod you are looking for.

Where to Find Mods and How to Download Them

Giants Software, the developers of Farming Simulator 22, has made it very easy for you to get to the modding aspect of the game. Even on consoles, you will have direct access to a suite of changes and additions that you can choose from. To access mods, you will see there is a tab dedicated to them on the main menu called “Downloadable Content”, highlighted in the image below:

Farming Simulator 22

By getting into this menu, you’ll see a display of all available mods, categorized by the type of extra content they provide. This can be anything from a new vehicle to drive, a new piece of gear to utilize, or a government subsidy to help you heal from a particularly bad financial year.

Once you’ve discovered the mod you’re interested in, select it and you’ll obtain some more detailed info about it – for example: selecting a specific tractor will provide breakdowns of its in-game price, power, and maximum speed, along with a some more additional screenshots, as shown in the image below.

You can then click the install prompt in the lower left of the UI (which can be seen above) and the next time you load into a game the installed content will be available to you. Within the Downloadable Content section of the main menu, you can also view and manage all installed content, and deactivate or uninstall mods as you like.

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