How to Elevate Your Gaming Setup in 2023 and Win Some Amazing Prizes

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If you’re a gamer, you know the importance of a comfortable and immersive gaming setup. No matter what device you use to play, having the best gear and settings can boost your skills and fun.

But how do you elevate your gaming setup to the next level? How can you improve and enhance your gaming experience?

In this article, we’ll talk about exactly that. Whether you’re a PC gamer or a console gamer, you’ll find some useful ideas to improve your gaming space and performance.

Let’s get started!


Choose Your Equipment Wisely

The first step to elevating your gaming setup is choosing the right equipment for your needs and preferences. Depending on your budget, you may want to upgrade some or all of the following components:

Gaming PC or Console

This is the core of your gaming setup, so ensure it can run the games you like in the settings you want.

For PC gamers, we recommend the AMD Ryzen 5 5600X as the best affordable CPU for gaming in 2023. It offers awesome gaming performance, great value for money, and decent overclocking potential.

For console gamers, you can choose between the PlayStation 5 or the Xbox Series X, both of which offer stunning graphics, fast loading times, and backward compatibility with previous generation games.

Monitor or TV

This is the screen where you’ll enjoy your games, so make sure it has a high resolution, a fast refresh rate, and a low response time.

Buy a monitor with at least 1440p resolution and 144Hz refresh rate for smooth and sharp gameplay.

For console gamers, we recommend a TV with at least 4K resolution and 120Hz refresh rate for immersive and realistic visuals. You can also look for features like HDR, G-Sync, or FreeSync for better color accuracy and synchronization with your device.

Keyboard and Mouse or Controller

These input devices let you control your games, so make sure they are comfortable, responsive, and durable.

We recommend a mechanical keyboard with Cherry MX switches for tactile feedback for PC gamers and a gaming mouse with adjustable DPI for precision and customization.

For console gamers, we recommend a wireless controller with rechargeable batteries and an ergonomic design for convenience and comfort. You can also look for features like RGB lighting, programmable buttons, or haptic feedback for extra flair and functionality.

Headset or Speakers

These gadgets bring your games to life, so look for ones with a crisp sound quality, a reliable microphone, and a noise-blocking feature.

For PC gamers, we recommend a headset with 7.1 surround sound for immersive and directional audio and a microphone with noise cancellation for clear communication.

For console gamers, we recommend speakers with Dolby Atmos for realistic and spatial sound and a microphone with wireless connectivity for easy setup.

Your gaming performance and enjoyment can depend greatly on the equipment you choose for your gaming setup. But don’t worry if you can’t afford to buy everything at once.

You can always upgrade your equipment gradually as you save up more money. Or even better, you can join our giveaway for a chance to score some of the top gaming gear on the market!


Game On with These Awesome Accessories

No gaming setup is complete without these accessories:

Headphone Hook

Headphone hooks are great for preventing your headphones from getting tangled, damaged, or lost.

You can mount a hook under your desk or on the side of your monitor or use a freestanding headphone hook that stands on your desk.

Look for a stylish one that matches your decor.

Mouse Pad or Gaming Mat

A mouse pad or a gaming mat is essential for every PC gamer to enjoy precise and fluid mouse control.

It can also protect your desk from scratches and spills and cushion your wrist and arm.

You can get a full desk mouse pad that covers your entire desk surface or a curved mouse pad that matches the shape of your curved monitor, depending on your preference and space.

Cup Holder

A cup holder is a handy accessory that can help you stay hydrated and energized during your gaming sessions.

You can attach one to the side of your desk or monitor or use a standalone cup holder that sits on your desk. Some cup holders even have features like USB charging ports or LED lights for extra convenience and style.


Stick to a Color Scheme

A color scheme can help you achieve a harmonious and sleek look for your gaming space and make it pop from the crowd.

A simple way to create a stunning gaming space is to choose a main color and add some pops of contrast with one or more accent colors. Too many colors can make your space look messy and chaotic.

Some popular color schemes for gaming setups are:

  • Black and red: This classic combination exudes power and passion. It’s perfect for gamers who love action-packed and intense games.
  • White and blue: This cool and calm combination evokes peace and tranquility. It’s perfect for gamers who love relaxing and soothing games.
  • Green and purple: This is a funky and fun combination that expresses creativity and originality. It’s perfect for gamers who love quirky and colorful games.

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Crank Up the Decor Dial

You can express your personality and style with wall art, statues, gaming collectibles, plants, posters, toys, stickers, and more.

You can also use some of the items to display your achievements, such as trophies, medals, certificates, etc.

Some tips for decorating your gaming space are:

Choose a Theme

Do you want to have a futuristic space that resembles the interior of a spaceship? Or do you love the nostalgia of vintage video games, classic pinball machines, and arcades?

To find the perfect theme for your gaming space, we suggest you think of all the game room ideas you’ve always wanted and let your imagination run wild.

You can then plan your setup accordingly and look for items that match your theme.

Use Lighting

Lighting can make a huge difference in the mood and atmosphere of your gaming space.

You can use different types of lighting, such as LED strips, lamps, candles, etc., to create different effects, such as ambient, accent, or task lighting.

You can also use lighting to highlight your favorite items or to create contrast with your color scheme.

Be Creative

Don’t be afraid to experiment and try new things with your decor.

You can use DIY projects, recycled materials, or unconventional items to add some flair and personality to your gaming space.

For example, you can use a skateboard as a shelf, a guitar as wall art, or a soda can as a pen holder.

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Cut the Cord Clutter

Cord clutter can ruin the aesthetics and functionality of your gaming space. Cable management is key for a sharp and sleek gaming setup.

You should run cords around your desk or through the wall for a clean and tidy build. Try using desk cable trays, cable ties, cable clips, or cable sleeves to convert a maze of wires into a single clean bundle.

When cabling your setup, you can also look into wireless devices, such as mice, keyboards, controllers, headsets, etc., to reduce the number of necessary cords.

Some tips for managing your cables are:

Plan Ahead

Think about the best locations and connections for your devices before you plug them in.

Check the cords and see if they fit your space well. Avoid having cords that are too long or too short.

Label Your Cords

To avoid confusion and frustration later on, you should label your cords with stickers or tags that indicate what they are and where they go.

This will help you find and fix any problems your devices might have.

Hide Your Cords

You should hide your cords as much as possible to make your gaming space look more organized and spacious.

You can use furniture, rugs, plants, or other items to conceal your cords from view. You can also use cable covers or conduits to blend your cords with the wall or floor.


Keep Things Clean

A clean gaming space not only looks better but also performs better. Dust, dirt, crumbs, spills, etc., can damage your equipment and affect your gaming performance.

Therefore, you should regularly clean and maintain your gaming space to ensure its optimal condition. There are several ways to do this:

Use a Microfiber Cloth

A microfiber cloth is a soft and gentle material that can effectively remove dust and dirt from your devices without scratching or damaging them.

You should use it to wipe down your monitor or TV screen, keyboard, mouse, controller, headset, etc., at least once a week.

Use Compressed Air

Compressed air is a handy tool that can blow away dust and debris from hard-to-reach places in your devices, such as fans, vents, ports, etc.

You can use it to clean the inside of your PC or console case. If there is any dust in the gaps between the keys on your keyboard or the buttons on your controller, you can blow those too.

Use Disinfectant Wipes

Disinfectant wipes help sanitize and deodorize your devices after prolonged use.

Clean the parts of your devices that touch your hands or face with disinfectant wipes. These include the keyboard, mousepad, controller, headset, etc.

We hope this article has inspired and guided you in elevating your gaming setup.

These simple steps can help you create your own gaming corner that is cozy, practical, and trendy, a gaming corner that shows your personality and love for gaming.

Remember, your gaming setup is yours to customize and enjoy, so have fun and be creative with it!

Happy gaming! ????

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