How To Empty Oceans With a Single Bucket in Minecraft

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How To Empty Oceans in Minecraft

There will be fans out there reading this who grew up playing Minecraft. While some may think of it as a regular game that’s more suitable for kids, it’s been attracting gamers of all ages. The reason for its continued success is down to it being simplistic in design, yet complicated in what it delivers to fans. It affords the player the chance to express their creative potential, and sometimes there are ideas that even the game itself didn’t account for.

As a YouTuber who specializes in Minecraft content, Fundy is famous for constructing some impressive and ambitious projects in Mojang’s sandbox game. However, as a change of pace, their latest video shows them messing around with some coding and attempting to see what weird and awesome things they can execute. One such thing is a bucket which, when used to bring water, will make the whole lot disappear, whether it’s a pond or a complete river. One part of the video shows that it could even be feasible for them to empty a full ocean’s worth of water.

As well as this, they also experiment with TNT. In this case, when one explodes, it spawns more, which in turn spawns even more in an ever-increasing cavalcade of explosives. With some changes to the code, Fundy even manages to create some lovely circles formed from TNT that’s been detonated. While Minecraft can be a game about appreciating the small things, such as the music or mining for prized minerals, this YouTuber has something of standing for engaging in more lofty goals.

While this new video is one that is more about experimentation, Fundy has done some lovely interesting builds in the past. A while ago, they were able to construct a huge version of Tetris within Minecraft. They’ve also done their own horror-themed Pac-Man game, which the YouTuber briefly alludes to in this recent video.

It was released back in 2009, and Minecraft is one of the best-selling video games of this year so far. It has stood the test of time this past decade or so, and with people like Fundy trying out some fascinating ideas, not to mention the slew of great structures being built by the fan base, this blocky game is likely to remain at the top for a good while longer.

Minecraft is available now for Mobile, PC, PS4, PS5, Switch, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X/S.

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