How To Enhance Your Gaming Experience With Better Broadband

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Nearly half the population of the UK play video games, whether you are a fan of Call of Duty, League of Legends, Starcraft, or any other online game, you need fast and reliable broadband. Lag does more than cause frustration, it can cost you the game or match and potentially waste hours of effort. To get the best experience, follow these tips to compare broadband deals, and find the best for gaming.


Find the Fastest Broadband

When looking at providers like Vodafone, the first thing you need to do is compare download speeds. Faster broadband means less time downloading and patching games. Superfast broadband options like Now Broadband mean the shortest possible time between sitting down and starting playing.

Remember, your home broadband connection is shared. While you are in the middle of a Fortnite game, someone else may decide to start streaming TV on Netflix. If your download speed is not fast enough, your game will suffer as a result. Fast broadband lets everyone do whatever they want at the same time with no worries.


Look for Low Latency

Latency or ping measures how long it takes your actions to be sent to a server and for you to see the results on your screen. High ping means there can be marge delays between you pressing a button and the action actually happening. In twitch shooters where even the smallest fraction of a second is the difference between life and death, you need the fastest response times possible.


Find an Unlimited Package

When you compare broadband packages, you need to choose one that offers unlimited data. Since games no longer have to be bought with physical disks, the only limit is how much you can download. However, a new AAA title will likely require something close to 100GB and that is going to be more data than some providers offer in an entire month.

If you plan to do any downloading of games or if anyone in your house watches any streaming service like Amazon Prime or Netflix, unlimited data is essential.


Look for Fast Upload Speeds

When trying to choose between providers like Vodafone and Now Broadband, upload speeds can be the deciding factor. This is a commonly overlooked aspect since most people do very little uploading. However, upload speeds affect your ping which is vitally important and if you ever want to share a particularly hot killstreak with your friends using a live recording feature, a strong upload speed will make it happen.


Get the Best WiFi Router you can Find

The best upload and download speeds, the lowest ping, and all the data in the world are useless to you if your router is not good enough. Your WiFi router is responsible for taking all of these factors and passing them on to your computers and gaming consoles. If it does a terrible job, then it feels like you will not be getting the service you paid for.

When looking up your next broadband provider, find out what kind of router they offer. Next, look up reviews and see what kind of experience other people have had. Some routers work amazingly well but only while you are in the same room. Many of these issues can be avoided by directly connecting to the Internet via an Ethernet cable but that is not always an option.


Consider Upgrading your Router Later

It is possible that you found the best broadband package for an amazing price. The only issue is that the included router is not very good. Fortunately, this is the one area you can improve upon after the fact. Simply upgrade your router and enjoy the benefits of your superfast connection.


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