How to Enter Cheat Codes in Red Dead Redemption 2

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Red Dead Redemption 2

It is not the first time Rockstar launched a game with a built-in cheat system, We have already seen and love the cellphone cheats in GTA 5, which was quite handy to cause some mayhem in the city and some weekend fun and blow out.

To enter and activate cheats into Red Dead Redemption 2, you have to pause the game, then get into Settings. Next, press Triangle (or Y on Xbox), as suggested in the bottom right corner.

Red Dead Redemption 2 Cheats

You’ll then come to a Red Dead Redemption 2 cheats list, which is quite long to be honest. They will all be locked when you access the screen, and by entering codes, you will unlock them. Press Triangle (or Y on Xbox) to do this.

Now, after the cheat codes, all the cheats are available to toggle on and off, it means now you only have to enter each cheat once to access it whenever you like.

As soon as you enable it, you’ll get a warning – starting a cheat means you cannot save your single player progress, or collect Trophies or Achievements. So anything you do from then doesn’t count anymore, have some crazy fun now.

Red Dead Redemption 2 Cheats

Red Dead Redemption 2 cheat codes for Unlimited Ammo and a lot more

This list of Red Dead Redemption 2 cheat codes is ongoing, and we’ll be updating it soon, so check back after a short break.

Cheat effect Cheat code Requirement
Add $500 Greed is now a virtue None
Basic weapons A simple life, a beautiful death None
Create Buggy Keep your dreams light None
Create race horse Run! Run! Run! None
Create Random Horse You want something new None
Create Stagecoach The best of the old ways None
Create Superior Horse You want more than you have None
Create Wagon Keep your dreams simple None
Decrease Honor You revel in your disgrace, I see None
Decrease Wanted Level You want freedom None
Forces you to become drunk A fool on command None
Gunslinger Weapons History is written by Fools None
Increase Health, Stamina and Dead Eye levels Seek all the bounty of this place None
Increase Horse Bonding My kingdom is a horse None
Increase Wanted Level You want punishment None
Increase Whistle Range for Horse Better than my dog None
Infinite Dead Eye Be Greedy only for Foresight None
Learn All Recipes Eat of Knowledge None
Own all Outfits Vanity. All is vanity None
Reset Honor Balance. All is balance None
Set Health, Stamina and Dead Eye Bars to Full You flourish before you die None
Set your Dead Eye to level 2 Make Me Better None
Set your Dead Eye to level 3 I shall be better None
Set your Dead Eye to level 4 I still seek more None
Set your Dead Eye to level 5 I seek and I find None
Stealth weapons Death is silence None
Infinite Ammo Abundance is the dullest desire Own Newspaper Hanover 27 or Saint-Denis 43 (acquired anytime in Chapter 2)

Heavy Ammo Greed is an American Virtue Own Newspaper Saint-Denis 46 (acquired in Chapter 3 after Magicians for Sport)


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