How to Find the Best Cricket Betting Apps in India

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Cricket Betting Apps

Cricket betting is the most popular type of sports betting in India. In today’s world, there are many ways to bet, from traditional to online sports betting and through mobile apps on Betting on cricket through mobile apps is incredibly convenient and doesn’t require much time. So, by downloading a mobile bookmaker app, you can bet anytime and anywhere. The most important thing is to have access to the Internet.

In today’s world, it’s hard to imagine a young person who doesn’t use a mobile device. Phones with Internet access allow you to work remotely, search for important information, study and of course, relax. For some people, recreation is watching a movie or a video, while others prefer to bet on cricket. If you like betting too, then definitely try doing it through a mobile app. This will allow you to bet on your favourite team even during a short break or on your way home. However, you shouldn’t download the first app you see. Let’s figure out how to choose a good bookmaker and a good mobile app. 


How to Choose a Good Cricket Betting App

Choosing a good cricket betting app is not a difficult task if you consider all the points in this text. The main thing to remember is that your choice determines whether or not you get a positive experience with the game. Don’t forget that sloppy users can fall prey to online scammers, so take your choice of bookmaker seriously.



The most important criterion is the security of the bookmaker and its mobile app. The first thing to look at is whether the bookmaker has a license to operate. Let’s take the Crickex App as an example. Crickex is operated by VB Digital N.V Company whose registered office is 9 Abraham de Veerstraat, Curacao and regulated by the Curacao Gaming Commission under the license number GLH-OCCHKTW0712302019 (sub-license number 365/JAZ). It is immediately obvious that the bookmaker is licensed by a strict regulator, which eliminates the risk of fraud. 

Don’t forget that a bookmaker must not only be honest but also have a mobile app well protected from hacking attacks. Otherwise, your personal data may end up in the hands of cybercriminals. Choose bookmakers who regularly update their mobile applications and promptly fix their shortcomings. 


System Requirements

System requirements are the most important factor, as they are what determines whether you can download a mobile cricket betting app in India. If to again consider Crickex App as an example, it can be concluded that this app has minimal system requirements, as it takes only 12 megabytes in the device memory and can be installed on both Android and iOS. Unfortunately, not all mobile applications can be installed on iOS, so if you are an iPhone user, pay attention to this fact. 


Technical Support

The work of technical support is difficult to overestimate. Good technical support is important for all customers, especially new ones, as they may have problems getting the hang of a mobile app. See if the mobile cricket betting app in India has a way to contact the support team. The support team should be available 24/7 to promptly respond to users and solve problems. 

The support team not only fixes bugs in the app but also advises users on how to use a particular feature. Sometimes new players have difficulty making a deposit or activating a bonus, so prompt work of technical support is very important. 


Application Functionality

Compare the mobile app with the official bookmaker website. It should retain all the basic functions of the official site. For example, through the Crickex App, you can register an account, make a deposit, make bets, get bonuses and withdraw winnings. If such important functions are missing from the app, then you will have to do these operations on the official site, which already brings a certain discomfort. 



Pay attention to the bonuses offered. You might think that the higher the bonus, the better for the client. But that’s not quite true. Each bonus must be wagered. Sometimes it happens that the bookmaker puts forward unfeasible conditions for getting a bonus. In that case, it is better to find a mobile app where the bonuses are smaller but easy to get. Otherwise, you may end up with no bonus at all. If to take the Crickex App as an example again, you can see that a good app has a wide range of bonuses on offer. There are not only deposit bonuses, but also a referral program that will make playing with friends very profitable and from that more enjoyable. There is a cashback, which will be relevant to those players who bet often. 

Therefore, it is worth choosing a mobile cricket betting app in India that really cares about customers and not just attracts them with large bonus amounts. More advantageous for long-term play will be the availability of cashback and various loyalty programs. 


Methods of Deposit

Deposit and withdrawal methods play an important role when choosing a mobile app. Not only your convenience depends on it, but also your protection against fraudsters.

First, see if you can play for rupees. If the mobile cricket betting app does not allow you to play for rupees, then you will have to spend money on currency exchange fees. No one likes that, plus it takes more time. 

Secondly, look at the number of payment systems that the bookmaker works with. It is believed that a good mobile cricket betting app should offer its customers at least five different ways to make deposits and withdrawals. 

Thirdly, you should make sure that the payment systems offered are reliable and secure. If this is the first time you see the payment systems offered by the bookmaker, it is better to refrain from making a deposit. Here are examples of good payment systems: Skrill, Neteller and AstraPay.

Finally, pay attention to the minimum deposit amount and the minimum withdrawal amount. This is important to try to play through the app without spending a lot of money, in case you don’t like it. Most good bookmakers have a minimum deposit and withdrawal amount not exceeding Rs 400. 


Player Reviews

Player reviews are an important criterion as they help determine how good the mobile app is. Take a look at the rating of the app. For example, the Crickex App has a rating of over 80%. Never choose a mobile cricket betting app with a rating below 75%. Be sure to read the reviews and pay attention not only to the positives of the app but also to the negatives, as you need to understand if these flaws are acceptable to you.



Developing a good design and clear interface for a mobile app is not an easy task. Developers need to put a lot of different information on a small screen. If you don’t like the design, you shouldn’t use a mobile app. Eventually, such an app will start to annoy you with its inconvenience and bring negative emotions. This is okay if you miss a button once, but if it is not easy to access buttons on the first try, a month later this application will make you very unhappy. 


Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Is it safe to download mobile cricket betting apps?

If you have chosen a well-licensed bookmaker, their mobile app will be safe and virus-free. However, keep in mind that such apps should not be downloaded from suspicious sites. 

  1. How to download a mobile cricket betting app?

Each mobile app has its own peculiarities in the process of downloading and installing it. Therefore, you can’t do without an example here, which again would be the Crickex App. If you are an iOS user, just go to AppStore and download the app. If you are an Android user, go to the official Crickex website and download the installation file, then open it and install the app. 

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