How to Find the Best Earbuds

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Finding the perfect pair of earbuds or in-ear headsets can be as difficult as finding the right pair of shoes. How do you find wireless headphones on sale that sound flawless, fit comfortably, and match your budget? What are the right ones that fit your active lifestyle? Here are our professional tips.


Know the Basics

When finding the right, take several key important aspects into consideration. For example, when comparing beats vs skullcandy, compare everything from audio quality to the wearing style. You want to look at the overall technology and technical specs like frequency and materials.


Choose the Best Battery Life

Battery life and durability are key components. For example, if you have earbuds that require a few hours of charging, you might want to opt for a pair that have infinite battery life. Some headphones have a very limited time for streaming music. You can find earbuds that have a long battery life or even buy two pairs if you need it for business or performance. A backup pair can be invaluable in a pinch.


Check Durability

Are the headphones sweatproof and impact resistant? Are the headphones prone to wearing out over time? The wire should have a thicker gauge and should not be prone to tangling. Some brands have beta-titanium sound tubes. Some earbuds come with a lifetime warranty.


What is the Call Quality?

You might want to check the Bluetooth capabilities of your earbuds. Does the set have a microphone? What is the overall audio quality? Can you control calls from the cord? Compare the audio quality of wireless and wired headphones.


Find the Right Set for Your Lifestyle

Each set is unique to a particular lifestyle. For example, if you use the headphones to add music to your workouts, you need a reliable, durable, sweatproof set that will survive potential impact. On the other hand, if you need the headset for business calls, the microphone and Bluetooth capabilities will be very important as you make your choice. Wireless headphones often suffer from sound quality. If you just want to stream music, look for brands that have high-end sound. Musicians and live performers need headphones that do not fall out during performance.


Find Comfortable phones

Nothing ruins listening to music like a badly fitting earbud. Some fit securely in the ear canal with a secure feel. Others have options to loop the earbud around your ear and tighten it on the back of your head. Or maybe you prefer traditional headphones. Most of us would benefit from a set that has multiple wearing options. Some brands will include a tiny clip to attach the in-ear headsets to your clothing. This is ideal for musicians and live performers.

Choosing the right headphones for your lifestyle can be a daunting task. Take our professional tips in mind when buying your next set. Then sit back and enjoy the music!




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