How To Find the Call of Duty: Cold War Floppy Disk Code and Passphrase

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Dark Ops Challenges in Black Ops Cold War

If you are trying to find the Black Ops – Cold War floppy disk code and passphrase. The Operation Chaos side mission highlights a puzzle that needs a fair bit of detective work, but once you know what you need to get cracking, you’ll ace this mission in no time. Naturally, this guide contains some game spoilers, so turn away if you want to crack the code yourself.

There are several pieces of evidence to get, and then it’s up to you to find a code and passphrase that’ll decrypt the floppy disk.

Here’s how to find the CoD: Cold War Operation Chaos floppy disk code and passphrase, plus all the clues you need to get along the way in the game.


How to get the Black Ops – Cold War floppy disk code and passphrase

Locate the evidence

The Operation Chaos mission challenges you to find multiple pieces of evidence, which are strewn across various missions. Here’s what you need to get to get the Call of Duty Cold War floppy disk code and the mission in which the parts can be found:

  • Coded Message: Nowhere Left to Run.
  • Numbers Station Broadcast: Brick in the Wall.
  • Frontpage of the Observer newspaper: Redlight, Greenlight.

The first evidence is easy to recover. You’ll find that the message is added to your inventory after you have a not-so-friendly chat with Qasim. After he states that “they only communicate with coded messages”, the Coded Message evidence jumps up on the screen.

Cold War Floppy Disk Code and Passphrase

During the Brick in the Wall mission, keep your eyes open for an audio reel tape—one of the old circular ones. Once you get to the door marked ‘732’, use your lockpick to open it and head down the stairs. Kill the guards, and walk over to the table with the camera and other items on it. You can’t miss the evidence, as it’s highlighted for you.

Cold War Floppy Disk Code and Passphrase

And finally in the Red light, Greenlight mission, you need to recover the front page of the Observer newspaper to start decrypting the floppy disk. We achieved this by taking 3 photos while hunting for the photo intel in the Call of Duty: Cold War Redlight, Greenlight mission.

Cold War Floppy Disk Code and Passphrase

In the Operation Chaos mission, interacting with the Central Intelligence Agency terminal prompts you to enter a code and a passphrase to decrypt the floppy disk. This section requires a bit of work on your part as, from what I can tell, the solutions appear to be different for each player. When our reviewer Morgan completed this mission, his answers were ‘8136’ and ‘Austin’, but these will almost certainly be different for you. I’ll walk you through what you need to do generally, but prepare to do a spot of mathematics and some careful listening.


Find the passphrase

Let’s study at the Black Ops Cold War Coded Message. When you consider this scrap of paper you should be able to see a series of red and blue numbers and letters. You need to solve the missing numbers in each sequence, so take a look at the red numbers and find the pattern, then move onto the blue digits.

Listen to the Numbers Station Broadcast reel and listen out for the numbers you just found. These numbers are very important as the broadcast will name a city. The city name is the passphrase you need.

Find the code

Now let’s take a look at the newspaper, and you’ll see that some of the letters are in red. If you piece collectively the letters and shuffle them around, you’ll be able to spell the name of a different city. Listen to the Numbers Station Broadcast once more to find the corresponding code for that city name. This code is what you need to enter in order to decrypt the floppy disk. Key in both the code and passphrase, to advance the Operation Chaos mission.

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