How to Find the Moonlight Blade – Armored Core 6: Fires of Rubicon Guide

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Armored Core 6

The Moonlight Blade is an iconic weapon that holds a special place in the memories of veteran players of From Software’s titles. This legendary weapon makes an appearance in each of their games, and its presence continues in Armored Core 6. For those who embark on the journey through Rubicon, knowing how and where to acquire the Moonlight Blade becomes a quest of its own.

Within the depths of this page lies a comprehensive guide detailing the intricate process of obtaining the Moonlight Blade within the realm of Armored Core 6. As you traverse the landscapes of Rubicon, the Moonlight Blade’s secrets shall be unveiled, accompanied by an intricate depiction of this enigmatic weapon.

The Path to the Coral Convergence Upon the culmination of Chapter 4 within the campaign, a pivotal moment emerges—ushering in the mission named “Reach the Coral Convergence.” This mission, carefully orchestrated by the enigmatic Walter, beckons you to venture forth and unearth the whereabouts of the Coral supply ensconced within the bustling Institute City.

Midway through your odyssey, a panorama of a sprawling valley emerges, adorned with a glistening expanse of water below, crowned by a colossal bridge that spans the chasm. Proceeding across the bridge, as the far end looms closer, an infernal mechanized creation of blades and gears hurtles forth from the city’s ruins overhead. Swiftly neutralizing this imminent threat becomes paramount, and as the dust settles, your gaze descends to the fragmented extremity of the bridge, reaching skyward.

Between the aqueous embraces of the submerged architecture, an assembly of spinning mechanical entities awaits your scrutiny. Concentrating around a familiar storage repository—an artifact encountered in prior escapades—their presence beckons challenge. Armed with ranged prowess, the option emerges to rain a tempest of destruction from an elevated vantage, thinning their ranks. With strategic precision, a decisive descent can be orchestrated, ensuring the remnants meet their inevitable demise.

A Fabled Relic Unveiled Regardless of your chosen strategy, once the mechanized inhabitants have been vanquished, tranquility envelops the vicinity, heralding an opportune moment to access the repository in tranquility. Within its confines lies the coveted prize—the IA-C01W2: MOONLIGHT. This cryptic enigma, renowned as the Light Wave Blade, materializes as the incarnation of the legendary Moonlight Sword, tailored for this epoch.

The Luminous Legacy of the Moonlight Light Wave Blade Emanating a mesmerizing allure, the Moonlight Light Wave Blade stands poised for the discerning warrior. The visage of the blade itself is but a harbinger of the radiant power it wields—a symphony of ethereal green luminescence that dances across the battlefield. With the ability to orchestrate single or dual slashes, alongside a formidable charged horizontal cleave, this blade forges an alliance between elegance and devastation. Its iridescent waves of emerald brilliance surging forth to engulf all who dare oppose its master.

The Mastery of Moonlight: Statistical Overture Resonating with unfettered might, the Moonlight Blade possesses a repertoire of statistics that narrate its prowess. Standing at the pinnacle of its attributes, it commands an Attack Power of 615—an unequivocal testament to its potential for annihilation. Impact, an embodiment of its forceful strikes, stands resolute at 495, while the capacity for consecutive hits reaches a zenith of 2—a symphony of swift carnage. Yet, even as its might flourishes, a balanced Weight of 2200 ensures maneuverability remains uncompromised. The intricate dance of combat finds harmony in an EN Load of 544, as the blade and its master synergize in an exhibition of tactical brilliance.

In the ever-shifting tapestry of Armored Core 6, the Moonlight Blade emerges not only as a weapon but as a legacy—a reminder of battles waged and victories achieved. The pages of history unfurl, and the Moonlight Blade etches its name as an indomitable force, ready to carve its path in the annals of Rubicon’s lore.

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