How To Fix Gaming Lag With a VPN

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Virtual Private Networks are an excellent way to keep your browsing data private. They create a secure channel over an insecure network, protecting your important data from cybercriminals. Unfortunately, many people store the most sensitive information on their PCs or mobile devices without proper security equipment in place. This may be costly when you consider the harmful outcomes of losing control of your sensitive data, whether it is financial information, health records, personal messages, or something else entirely. 

Gameplays consist of players uploading their recordings online for other gamers to watch, either to learn the game or just merely entertain others around the world. However, for one’s gameplay video to be enjoyable and worth watching, it has to be smooth without lags. If the game is not played well due to lag or frame rate problems, then there would be nothing much left in the video even if it was recorded very well. From personal experience of many people playing games in Asia (Thailand) compared to Europe (Netherlands). It was tested and they can already tell which servers are better based upon my location alone, simply because certain areas are closer to servers than others.

There are so many different types of games that require considerably different servers, some gamers may utilize game-specific VPNs that can allow them to connect with their closest server and avoid all the other distracted ones. If you are using a laptop it is recommended to use an Ethernet connection instead of Wi-Fi because Wi-Fi speed can vary depending on how strong your signal is, whereas Ethernet cables offer stable speeds. There are different types of VPN providers; free ones will not get you very far but if you are running on a tight budget then they can help you out. However, if money is not an issue for you then I suggest that you pay a few extra bucks and go for premium service because this way your IP address will be changed faster due to more servers available for use. The recommended provider should contain the following criteria:

          – Fast speed

          – Quality support system

          – No usage logs or information saved!

A premium VPN usually only runs around $6/month, so it is quite worth it in my opinion. Not mentioning other benefits as well such as safety, privacy, and security online. If the VPN does not work out for you then try going for massive Proxy servers instead. For those who have never heard of a proxy before, it is an alternative way of using websites other than what your ISP or government allows. Proxies are usually used by companies to track their employees’ internet usage; however, people also use them to bypass blocks on websites. Visit this website to find a good choice of premium VPNs. 

The downside with this method would be that your IP address will remain the same on some sites due to how proxies work. To fix this issue, one has to configure their browser accordingly in which case I suggest using Tor Browser. If all else fails then you can always buy a new gaming console and start playing on that instead. Alternatively, if your friends get one too then you will be able to play together online no matter where in the world you all live.



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