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Starfield has just been released for Early Access on PC and Xbox for those who purchased the Premium or higher-level version or add-on to the game. While the PC version of the game is quite impressive overall, there are notable missing features, with the most glaring one being the absence of an FOV (Field of Vision) slider, which has become a standard feature in the gaming industry. However, until Bethesda (hopefully) addresses this issue in a future patch, you can use the following workaround to customize your FOV:

  1. Create a text document in Starfield’s file folder on your PC and name it “StarfieldCustom.ini.”
  2. Open the “StarfieldCustom.ini” file and add the following text:




The first option, “fFPWorldFOV,” controls the FOV while in first-person view, and the second option, “fTPWorldFOV,” controls the FOV while in third-person view. You can adjust the FOV numbers to your preferred settings.

In addition to the FOV issue, some players have reported a strange bug or setting related to contrast, gamma, and black levels in the game. Unfortunately, there are no in-game controls to adjust these settings. However, gamers have been actively searching for a fix, and there’s a temporary solution available to address this problem. Be sure to keep an eye out for updates and official patches from Bethesda to enhance your Starfield gaming experience further.

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