How To Fixed Out The Washed Out Image In STARFIELD

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Starfield has finally launched for Early Access players, and it’s already making waves in the gaming community. The game boasts smooth gameplay and incredibly detailed visuals that truly immerse players in its vast universe. However, as excited players delve into the game, they’ve noticed a few missing features that could enhance the overall experience.

One noticeable absence is the lack of comprehensive image quality settings, leaving players with limited control over their graphics preferences. Among the missing options is a critical one for many gamers: an FOV (Field of View) slider, which can greatly affect gameplay comfort and immersion. Fortunately, resourceful players have come up with a temporary solution to address these shortcomings and improve their Starfield experience.

One prevalent concern raised by players on platforms like Reddit and various gaming forums is the game’s overall visual presentation. Some describe it as having a drab, washed-out appearance that negatively impacts the richness of its environment. This particularly affects dark interiors, where the lack of contrast diminishes the visual appeal and obscures intricate details.

To address these issues and enhance Starfield’s visuals, here’s a step-by-step guide for a temporary fix:

1. Download ReShade: Depending on whether you’re playing the Steam version or the Windows Store version of Starfield, you’ll need to download either “ReShade for the Steam version” or “ReShade Centralized for the Windows Store version.”

2. Installation: Install your chosen ReShade version and select the Starfield.exe file as the target application.

3. Launch the Game: After installation, start the game as you normally would.

4. Activate ReShade: Once in-game, press the HOME key to access the ReShade menu.

5. Shader Selection: In the ReShade menu, enable the following shaders: Levels, Deband, and CAS (Set to 3.0).

6. Enjoy the Improved Visuals: With ReShade and these specific settings activated, you’ll notice a significant improvement in your Starfield experience. The game will exhibit enhanced depth, sharpness, and notably improved black levels, especially in dark environments.

By following these steps, you can temporarily address some of the image quality and visual concerns in Starfield, allowing you to enjoy the game’s stunning environments to their fullest potential. It’s hoped that these issues will be addressed in future game patches, but until then, this workaround should help elevate your gaming experience.


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