How to Fly a Drone Without Crashing: The Best Tips to Know

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What’s that in the air? It’s a bird, no, it’s a plane. Wait — it’s a drone!

There are almost 1.3 million registered drones in the US along with over 116,000 registered drone operators. If you recently received your registration, congratulations. Now you just need to keep your drone from crashing.

Before you start flying, it helps to know the ropes. Keep reading to learn how to fly a drone without crashing. With these drone basics, you can fly without sacrificing your safety or anyone else’s.

That goes for your drone, too.

Learn to fly drones safely with these seven tips.


Practice Makes Perfect

Before you take to the skies, practice with a simulator first. Some drone manufacturers provide simulator courses on their websites for you to try.

Give yourself at least two hours to learn how to fly a drone. First, adapt to the controls. Make sure to pay close attention to which way your drone is facing. If the nose points toward you, it will move right when you expect it to fly left.

Try to fly with the nose facing away from you instead.

Learning drone basics with a simulator will help you avoid damaging your own drone. This is also a safer way to fly for you and anyone outside during your first flight.


Read Up

Try to read the user manual twice. You can download it from the manufacturer’s website.

You might find valuable information in the manual that can help you learn about your drone. If the manual doesn’t help, head online. Read reviews and watch tutorials from other flyers who already know the ropes.

You can explore these top rated drones if you haven’t purchased one yet.

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Start Slow

Once your drone starts feeling more familiar, take it for a low-key test drive. Start by finding an open space, such as a field. Then, hover a few feet off the ground.

Practicing without obstacles will help you avoid accidents while you’re getting comfortable.


Don’t Push

During your first few flights, don’t push the limits of your new drone.

Instead, learn to fly a drone and avoid obstacles. For example, you can set up an obstacle course on the ground. Then, maneuver your drone through these obstacles.

Learn how to maneuver through obstacles will help you learn how to fly in any environment.


Perform Maintenance Checks

Before each flight, make sure to complete a full check of your drone.

First, make sure the battery is charged. Have a spare ready with you. Next, check the propellers for wear or tear. Are any loose?

If your drone has a compass, make sure to calibrate it properly.


Keep an Eye Out

Make sure you can always see your drone. Otherwise, you won’t know what it’s up to. It’s also an official FFA guideline.

It’s easiest to keep an eye on your drone by flying during daylight hours and avoiding bad weather conditions.

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Coming in for a (Safe) Landing: How to Fly a Drone Without Crashing

Ready for take-off? With these six tips, you can learn how to fly a drone without crashing. Now have fun and stay safe!

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