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The genre of Multiplayer Online Battle Arena has gained popularity in eSports with entries like Dota 2 and League of Legends. These games are based on the isometric camera perspective. This was made popular in the nineties more than in the new millennium, whereas Smite, as a new game in this genre, released in March 2014 by Hi-Rez Studios, offers players the option to play MOBA with a third person perspective that is less restrictive. Today smite betting is also gaining popularity in different eSports sites.

Smite as a game

The gameplay is based on two teams whereby the team members select mythological entities such as gods and goddesses from the past. There are characters offered such as Ra, Loki, Athena, and Zeus. There is a total of 60 gods offered in the roster of the game which includes gods from different cultures across the world such as Mayan, Hindu, Norse, Chinese, Roman, Greek and others.

Smite in eSports setup comprises of matchup games 5v5 mode between the two teams that are playing in Conquest mode. The goal of each team is to destroy the Titan that is part of the enemy camp’s base. This is achieved by destroying the Phoenix of the opposing team. The team members can do so by carrying out five roles:

  • Ad Carry

The game begins in duo lane where the team member needs to move the team to victory.

  • Jungler

Here the focus is on killing minions found in the jungle.

  • Mid and Solo

Farming the middle and slow lane, where others are helped with their goals.

  • Support

This starts in a duo lane, and teammates need to be supported.

Every character can go up several levels, up to 20 and new abilities are gained whereby. The rewards are gained by successful kills, last hits on minions, for destroying structures. Gold provides an opportunity to enhance the strength of a character by adding different items.


How to bet on Smite?

Smite being a relatively new entrant in the eSports category, not many sites offer to bet with real money on this game. As it belongs to the category of fantasy eSports, Alpha Draft is the place to go when you wish to bet with real money; in other portals like Vulcun, there are in-game currencies with which a player can bet on fantasy league games including Smite. There are several reasons that bookmakers would pick up the pace and soon start to offer real money betting on Smite. Xbox One console was the first gaming console for which the game was released in August 2015. It offers a better viewing experience due to a spectator camera that is free moving and skills are designed for the game. The Annual World Championship that was held last year led to a prize pool with the large cash award. As the game increases in viability and its lifespan, more people will be willing to bet money on it and play the game.

How to gain a betting edge in Smite?

Even if betting opportunities are yet to increase in this game, those who wish to gain a winning edge when betting real money on it can do the same by watching its broadcasts. Clips of the matches held in 2015 World Championship Grand Finals showcase how the game was played in a five-game series format. Certain factors matter such as experience per minute, kills, deaths or assists did, gold gained per minute as well as rebounds and assists. Hence those who gain experience playing would do better when they opt for real money bets on the game, even in viewer mode.

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