How To Get Pro Videos With Your Phone

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Those videos can go viral and make you stand out from the crowd.

In this age where social media rules, it is very crucial that we can take great pictures and get the best videos with whatever gadgets we use. There was a time when we documented the things that happen to us with words. Now, we make our memories and keep them not just in our heads but also with pictures and videos. Hanging out with friends, on a date with that special person, going to that pop concert, vacation in that lovely island, those special moments in our lives like proposals, graduation, surprise birthdays, pregnancy announcements, no matter which it is, we get to relive those special moments over and over again through pictures and videos we make. You can find discounts for cameras at Best Reviews guide here.

In times past, when we wanted to watch a video, we had to have a VCR and then have the video cassettes which we inserted into the VCR and played them. Then we moved to disc. The Blu-ray disc and DVD players. Now, all you need most times is just your smartphone. Yeah, you can record, edit, create great videos with your smartphone, and the help of other mobile apps. So, video creation is not just restricted to the professional videographers with their cameras, thanks to increasing technology amateurs like you and I can make some awesome videos. Let’s see some helpful tips that will get us on the way to making these videos with, in some cases, fantastic footage.

Audio is crucial

As much as we all want a great video, a very important part of our recording is audio. You might have a great shoot but if the background is riddled with noise, this ruins the quality of your video. Now, we all know that where the built-in microphone is placed on our smartphones is not the best. There is a tendency to catch a lot of noise and wind when shooting a video outside. Now, this is almost impossible for you to edit out later. The best solution to this is shooting your video in a location that has little or no noise. In a case where the video has to be shot in a noisy place that would reduce the audio quality, try using external microphones that can be attached to your smartphones, or if you can afford it, use directional microphones to catch all your audio clearly.

Prepare for the shoot

Whatever props you might need for your video should be ready and set up. All actors, scripts, costumes should be ready and set to go. In addition, make sure your battery is fully charged as some video quality like HD (High Definition) can quickly drain your battery also ensure you have enough space in your memory e.g. a memory card if your phone doesn’t provide enough memory space, for the video depending on how large space the video will take up.

Lightning makes or breaks your video

Asides from those impromptu videos we make on the go, that captures an event as it is going on, we can forgive you if the quality of the video isn’t up to snuff but when we talk about making videos that are up to professional quality then the lightning has to be good. You do not want to shoot a video and it is too dark that we can’t see what’s going on. Remember smartphones have smaller image sensors plus lenses so try as much as possible not to aim your phone camera on places that are too brightly lit. This will cause an overexposed film.

Reduce the distance between you and your subject by staying closer

This is one mistake most people make. They seem to forget that this is not a professional camera so when you zoom till the highest level that your smartphone can g, the quality of your video would actually be poorer, or the focus of the video will most likely change. So, to combat this, stay as close to your subject as possible while keeping them in focus.

Steady, set, go

This is one very important tip you have to get right always. Once you start shooting your video, remember to keep a steady hand. There is different equipment you could get that helps you achieve this steadiness if you don’t have access to this equipment then make sure you keep a steady hand while shooting and ensure your focus is on the subject matter of the video. Nothing ruins a great video like an unsteady hand which in turn would make the video hard to watch and unfocused making it almost impossible to follow.

Tempted to hold your phone vertical, don’t, sideways is the way to go

We all are used to holding our phones vertically whenever we use them. Either when making or receiving a call, even playing some games, but when it comes to shooting a video with your phone, the best way to get a great shot is to hold your phone sideways. This way you increase the span of the area your camera and lenses can cover. This enables you to capture and focus on the subject better for great content and footage.

Invest in some great video mobile apps

No matter the smartphone you use, there is always a way to make it work better for you through the addition of mobile apps. There are some great mobile apps out there that can help in the edit and creation of your videos, try and get some of these apps to enjoy their numerous benefits.

So, there you have it. You don’t have to go to a professional to shoot your videos, by keeping some of these tips in mind, you are well on your way to creating some great videos with excellent footage that even the professional videographers are bound to give you a fist bump.


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