How To Get The Firebase Z Wonder Weapon In Call Of Duty: Black Ops Cold War

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Firebase Z

New gun Firebase Z is been added to the map in Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War’s Zombies mode, one of the most awesome new elements is the RAI K-84, or AKA the “Wonder Weapon.” It’s a massively modified AK-74 rifle that makes use of some mysterious technology. You can get it in the game now, and not all of the ways you can get this wonder weapon are that difficult. In fact, you can get one if you are lucky.

There are some different ways to get the RAI K-84. Two of the methods to get the weapon are completely random. You could easily go hours without getting it, it gives you a chance to try out the weapon if you don’t want to do the long job list it needed to get it with a Blueprint.



You can get the RAI K-84 by finishing trial missions, which are trials assigned at a computer in the Firebase Z map. You can find this computer almost instantly after getting into the map, and it will assign you missions and give bonuses for executing them. You need to get a Legendary reward in order to have a shot at getting the RAI K-84.

It is not guaranteed to get the Wonder Weapon for your Legendary reward. Rather, it’s not likely to get the weapon if it isn’t a Legendary reward. If this way doesn’t work, then we recommend just concentrating on the quest rather than repeating it. It could be hours before it gets you the reward you are aiming for.


Mystery Box

If you are a gambling person, you can try out the Mystery Box on Firebase Z, you just might get the RAI K-84. This is even more chance-based than trying to get the weapon in the Trials, but you could try your luck and get it quickly. The bad thing about this is that if you get something bad, you’ve truly wasted your time and could be in a worse place to take down the undead quickly approaching.



You can also create the weapon via a Blueprint and by executing a complex series of tasks on the Firebase Z map. There are a few steps you’ll need to achieve after this, and not all of them are clear. Below, we’ve outlined them all to make it as easy as we can for you.

Where to get the Aetherium Converter

1. Retrieve the blueprint in the Weapons Lab

After you’ve turned the power on, start with the Weapons Lab, you can find it just past the Motor Pool, and get the weapon blueprint from the workbench. Another easy way to find the Weapons Lab is to hang a right after getting out of the portal coming from The Village and go straight. You’ll need to use the computer to the right of the bench, but it needs a retina scan.

2. Collect the eyeball

Locate the dead scientist who is leaning against a vehicle in the lower right section of the Scorched Defense area and extract the eyeball. The scientist’s name is Dimitri Kuhlklay. You’ll be prompted to “retrieve eye” when you approach the corpse.

3. Use the eyeball on the computer and memorize the dartboard “code”

Use the eyeball on the retina scanner back in the Weapons Lab to access the computer terminal. The computer will display a pie chart with a highlighted marker, which pauses and chimes when it hits a certain segment. These points represent segments on a dartboard and also show light or dark corresponding to black or yellow. Memorize the order of the “code.” Then, grab the locker key from the desk and head to the Pack-A-Punch machine which is back through the portal on the other side of the map.

4. Find the dartboard in the village

The dart board can be found to the left of the Pack-A-Punch machine. Fire your weapon at the dartboard based on the “code” from the terminal, then hit the bullseye to “submit” it. If you fire more than one bullet per number/target, it will cancel out the sequence and you’ll have to start over which means you’ll need to grab a different weapon if you have a shotgun or LMG. If you did this correctly, the dartboard will open and you’ll receive the Aetherium Converter part.

Where to get the Barrel Assembly

1. Use the locker key at the barracks

Go to the barracks north of the plane crash and start unlocking lockers to spawn a Mimic enemy.

2. Kill the Mimic

Kill the Mimic enemy to get the barrel assembly component.

Where to get the Uncharged Power Cell

You can get the final piece, the Uncharged Power Cell, by killing a Mangler enemy around round 16. These are the big fellas with a cannon for an arm.

Build the RAI K-84 at the workbench

Go back to the Weapons Lab and start charging the power cell. IT will take one whole round to charge and will turn gold once it’s ready to go. If you find a power cell before beginning these other steps you can place it on the charger early.

All that’s left to do now is make the RAI K-84 at the workbench.


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