How To Get The Warzone Stadium Access Code

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Warzone Stadium

Season 5 comes with many locked doors and keypads, but the most important one is the Warzone stadium code.

Let’s talk about the CoD: Warzone Stadium code? Before the Warzone’s Season 5 update, the Stadium was just a useless structure in the middle of the map that players would parachute on to camp. Now it is a working space with a fully-featured stadium with loot-packed pavillions, Infinity Ward went ahead and hide a secret bunker in there too.

The Stadium bunker is not like all the other Warzone bunkers. Breaking it open is much more elaborate. On top of making it to the bunker alive, loot hunters will also need to track down different door codes that replace every match. Complete the entire chore and you’ll get yourself the Enigma Warzone blueprint.


Find out how to get the Warzone stadium code, and the Enigma blueprint

Head into a single stadium bunker is one thing: Getting into two or three in a single match is a whole new ballgame. This is what you’ll have to do if you want to get into the double doors with a keypad next to it on the top level of the stadium and get the unique and awesome rewards held within.

So, in every standard keycard room—details on how to get into those can be located further down this page—is a computer that gives you a Warzone stadium code that replaces the codes every match, a series of symbols, and numbers. As YouTuber Geeky Pastimes describes in the video below, when you have the first code, you have to write it down and open another keycard door to pack in most of the unused numbers. This should give you all but one of the numbers you need, so you can then head to the double doors on the executive level and start trying.

Check out the video above that shows what’s inside the room, there are spoilers if you want to work it out for yourself do not watch the video. So, while the infamous bunker 11 highlighted a nuke inside—seemingly a hint to the next game in the series, Call of Duty: Black Ops – Cold War—whether there’s something related inside this boardroom is yet to be seen, but there are some impressive-looking maps and computers. What you surely get is the AMAX Enigma blueprint, and then some loot, and some fireworks outside. Which is really awesome to celebrate.

Warzone stadium keycard locations

So before all the codes and all, you need to get past at least two doors with keycard slots. Like the red keycards you used to get into the normal bunkers, now there are new keycards which are only to be used for locked stadium keycard doors. They are:

  • P216: Parking level
  • CL19: Middle concourse level
  • EL21: Top, executive level

If you get one, it’ll appear on the bottom-left of your screen along with your name. They also appear to be random drops, so you’ll need the luck to be with you as you search this hot zone.

If you got lucky to get inside you’ll be able to hoover up several chests complete with top-tier loot, but all you want is Warzone stadium access code, so use the directions above to connect the code you get from the computer inside—which, remember, rotates every match—with new code in a different keycard room to get a better idea of the puzzle solution you’re looking for. Check out before for all the locations for each keycard room, but also watch the video guide above if you’re stuck at any stage.


EL21 Warzone location: Top floor

The EL21 keycard unlocks a door on the top floor of the stadium on the southeast side. Walk around the corridor until you see the door in the video above with the keypad installed—it’s a circular one that runs around the stadium, you will find it soon enough.

Warzone Stadium

Warzone P216 location: Parking garage (Basement)

In the lowest level of the stadium, in the car park, the P216 keycard door is in the north-west corner. Once you get to the garage, go down the slope.


Warzone CL19 location: Middle floor

Look for it in the middle level for the CL19 door. It’s located by the corner of the bar in the club lounge.

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