How to Grow Your Personal Brand With Instagram: 5 Tried-and-True Tips

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In the modern world, the business has survived a few significant changes. However unlikely it may seem, but building your personal brand has become easier and quicker, when the social media arrived for service. With the help of Instagram, small brands are now competing equally to grand corporations. Social platforms require less effort and can bring results faster than traditional sorts of ads. Of course, you still need a good strategy, discussed with specialists of marketing, that includes many points to pay attention to.

Nevertheless, there are common things that can enhance your work at social media promotion. In this article are summed up five tips that are proven to be effective instruments for growing your brand on Instagram.


Get Social Approval

Social approval is an instrument that was used long before any kind of business went online. At all times the convenience by the society brought people to success. In the era of Instagram addiction, the marks of social approval have become the metrics people see on your profile. A number of likes and followers is something that can make your page look more trustworthy in the eyes of a potential customer. Whatever happens later, better stats are confiding a user that your profile is popular and he should at least check it out.  And in humans’ minds, popular things aren’t bad, are they?

But how to run over the heads of your competitors on Instagram? One of the effective methods would be to buy stats. When you are at the start of growing your brand, purchasing some likes can help you to attract more people in shorter terms. The clues to proper usage of paid services are:

  • Pick the services that have an official site where you can find the information not only about how to buy IG likes, but what are the guarantees, terms of use, etc.
  • Don’t but too much at once. Make your growth look organic. Otherwise, users will guess that you bought likes easily. That fact can turn potential followers away. Worse, you can be even mocked for too obvious use of paid service. And banned as well.
  • Remember that any purchased stats are not equal to the real public. You must aim to have the percentage of bots decreasing, while the percentage of real users growing.


Provide High-quality Content

To drive users’ interest to your profile, it has to be filled with perfect content. Sloppiness at this point costs too much. Photographs and videos of your product or service have to show not only your professionalism but your aesthetic tastes as well. Instagram is one of the most sufficient social platforms for representing your visual concept. While Stories can take backstage, the main display is supposed to create a great first impression. Making your profile a source of inspiration for the followers is a smart decision to make.

The importance of visual representation, and the success of promotion on Instagram in particular, is determined by nature itself. It is known, that humans rely on visual perception much more, that on other channels of receiving information. Thus, beautiful and juicy pictures on Instagram page of your brand are working as a trigger for people’s interest. Here are a few tips on how to make sure your content will be working for your brand:

  • Your photos should be flawless technically. Thanks to technologies, the majority of smartphones nowadays have a camera good enough for making sufficient photographs. But if there is an opportunity, you better buy a professional camera and supplies.
  • Don’t be afraid to borrow ideas from other occupants of your niche. It doesn’t mean that you become a copycat. But you can take inspiration and rework the idea in your favor.
  • Drop a bit of artisan flair on your page. Small brands are being appreciated for a sincere attitude. Showing how much you care about your product makeline is a good method to attract the audience, who’s looking for quality.
  • Create a unique style for your profile. Choose a certain color scheme and stick to it. A unified overall look on your profile would be a pleasant feature for potential followers. Not at all times and not in every industry, but it still matters a lot.
  • Don’t use filters that Instagram offers you. For business profiles one should use a good editing app, that can have a larger choice of tools for improving your content.


How Important Communication Could Be

It is not enough to have beautiful images posted. You have to talk with people who showed their interest in your brand. After all, Instagram is a social network. So reach out to your viewers. Your goal is not only to attract new followers but to retain the existing ones. Basically people, especially young adults and millennials, use social media for fun. But in case with brands, along with all the fun comes the possibility to speak directly to the brand. And here is the ground where a small personal brand beats the corporations easily. You simply have more time and need lesser resources to get closer to your audience. Thus your product can correspond to the needs of your customers quicker and more accurately.


Working Out A Strategy

Any brand needs a solid tactic for constant growth. Long story short, here’s what you need to think about before you set your sails:

  • Set a goal for your profile
  • Define your niche
  • Find what your target audience wants to see (competitor researching is a must)
  • Plan your content basing on the information you found
  • Schedule points for checking your results and adjusting your work according to them


As you can see, there is nothing too complex, even for beginners. Do not be afraid to make mistakes on your way to the top. But be ready to come up with back-up plans to save the day.


Behold The Power Of Tagging

Many people are severely underestimating the power of hashtags on Instagram. But they are a tool that helps to widen your horizons. This instrument can enhance your reach several times higher.  Adding a pile of general hashtags, like #Instalife or #photography is one of the common mistakes that beginners make. Doing so will only drown your profile in the flood of photographs that are tagged like that daily. Quantity doesn’t become quality in this matter.

For getting a result you have to sit and think – what are the hashtags that are specific to my niche, and unique? Choose a bunch, like 30-40 words, and separate them into smaller groups, which can be used for different types of posts.

Another trick is to create hashtags for search within your profile. For example, if you are a shoemaker, you can make tags that help people to find a particular type of shoe, like heels, pumps, or sneakers.

Also, geographical tagging can help your target group to find you. Due to the algorithms of Instagram, the users who live in the same region as you will be more likely to find your brand when they search for products or services on this social platform.

Another perk of Instagram is the possibility to tag other people on your photos. In business matters, you can tag related brands, influencers, or media to attract their audience.


Few Words To Sum It Up

Growing a personal brand on Instagram is easier, but only in comparison to the classic strategies of marketing. To meet your goal, you still have to put a big effort into promotion and public image of your brand. Use the tips above to make sure your growth is effective and everything goes as you want it to.

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