How to Have the Best Home Streaming Experience

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Not so long ago, if you mentioned streaming TV and movies the chances are you would have immediately thought of Netflix. In fact, most people still would but streaming services have grown massively. Disney, YouTube, HBO, Hulu, and Amazon all stream existing and original content through their platforms. There are many more. 


The popularity of streaming services

Millions of people around the world subscribe to a streaming service with many opting to have more than one subscription. These services became even more popular in 2020 due in part to the lockdowns that happened globally. Being unable to go outside and visit entertainment venues meant that people sought out more ways to have fun at home. Now, you may have a streaming service already or you may be thinking of taking out a subscription. How can you improve this already great form of home entertainment? 


Flexible streaming subscriptions

These companies typically offer a monthly subscription that can be canceled or upgraded at any time. This flexibility is one of the reasons that streaming is popular. For just a few dollars you can try out the site for a month with no obligations to continue longer so you can switch services as often as you like. You can’t beat that, or can you? 


Free streaming trials

Many of these companies, if not all, offer free trials at various times. These range from 3 days to a whole month depending on the streaming service and are a great way to choose from a range of libraries without spending a cent. Check online for offers as they come and go but during the lockdowns in 2020, they were being used often to entice new users. New ‘channels’ also offer these to build up their user base quickly.


Use a VPN

You may not know what a VPN is so here is a basic, brief explanation: When you use your computer or device online it has an address. This is called your IP (Internet Protocol) and is a number or address that lets you send and receive data. A VPN (Virtual Private Network) encrypts your data and releases it from their server giving you a false IP address and helping to keep your data private. You can use this software with streaming services for greater entertainment possibilities.


Geographic limitations of Netflix and other services

When streaming companies license movies and TV shows they will be allowed to show them in a limited area. This might mean that one show is available on Netflix in North America but is unavailable on the UK service. Perhaps another TV company holds rights in the UK and doesn’t want Netflix to show it there. 

This means that sometimes even though you have 1,2 or even 3 streaming services you still can’t find your favorite program. There is a way around this. 


Streaming the world

Assuming you now have a VPN installed on your device you now have access to as many streaming services as you want. When you start the VPN you can choose which server to connect to. This lets you view different Netflix sites. If you don’t have a VPN then you can use Netflix codes to unlock hidden movies. 

For example, you are on holiday in Australia and you want to access your Netflix account but instead of seeing your familiar choice of movies and shows you are presented with some unfamiliar options. By choosing a North American server you can now login to the US version of Netflix even though you are on a different continent. 


Is this illegal?

In some countries, it is illegal to use a VPN but these tend to be ones that suppress the internet and freedom of speech so unless you are holidaying in North Korea, Iran, or China you are probably ok. Streaming services license their content for specific regions but there is no law to say you can’t access them with a VPN. You can find more info on VPNs at Fortune Lords.


What else can a VPN do with streaming services?

This is where it gets fun because not only can you now access foreign movie libraries and expand your knowledge of Thai cinema among other things you can now access services not even available in your country. A VPN brings other benefits such as added security. 

Back to the movies though, remember those free offers? Well, Hulu for instance ran a short free trial recently but Hulu isn’t available outside the US. It is if you have a VPN. 



You can use a VPN to increase the entertainment value of your streaming services but it has other benefits too. Use it to keep your private and financial details safe and secure. It also lets you browse anonymously without being spied upon. Free or paid services are available and with the right one, you can access the movies of the world.

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