How To Increase Followers on Instagram

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Some people have thousands of followers on Instagram, and this gives you an idea of how much influence they have on the photo and video-sharing social networking service. But they didn’t build their Instagram presence overnight – it took a long time. Having said that, there are ways you can get a following just a little faster and results in a little faster too.


Help and Integration from a reliable source

With the help of- and integration with Shopify, getting followers on Instagram is simpler and your business does better than ever before. You’re able to sell better and reach more customers through Instagram as well. What’s more, the different integration options don’t cost you and you get more features than your competitors and this is what helps with driving sales.

With more than 500 million Instagram users checking out the app every day, a business will find engaged audiences. Businesses work to maintain a positive following so that other followers can see that they offer something worth following.


You Connect with Customers

They want to capitalize on what the social platform offers them and they’ve got goods and services to sell. Using Instagram allows a business to connect with customers across many channels and if you have a business with an established community, then why not send out a newsletter to the customers you have and invite them to follow you on Instagram? They will need an incentive though such as a discount for your products offered to the first 100 followers.

Also, keep tabs on the kind of posts that your brand gets tagged in. People are able to see all the posts you are tagged in, making it necessary to monitor who is tagging you but also in what posts?


Get an Influencer

In terms of increasing followers, it can pay off to take advantage of influencer marketing. This is when you rely on a third party to sway your followers because customers trust recommendations from such an influencer. How many times haven’t you bought something because of a recommendation from a friend? Influencer marketing is exactly the same – you target a niche audience through an influencer whom they trust.
Working with an influencer like this will bring along their audience and this is what drives traffic to your site and also enhances sales because of their recommendations. It’s all about finding the right influencer for your brand.


Stay Local

Other ways to master Instagram and drives sales on your Shopify store include increasing your audience by using ads, hashtags, and contests and staying local. Local hashtags for instance as well as geotagging work for Instagram. By adding geotags to your content, you automatically attract local users.

These days people are wanting to stay local and they search for local content making use of Instagram’s search feature. This is where the adding of geotags comes into the picture as it can assist you rank for those searches. Local hashtags too work along the same lines. You can reach local people who may be interested in a certain niche simply because there are a number of people on Instagram who follow local hashtags and with them you can have access to that audience.

With these tips, you can see why Instagram represents such an amazing opportunity for businesses in a competitive market.

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