How to Increase Your SEO Rankings in 2019?

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“How do I increase my SEO ranking?” may be one of the most asked questions in 2019. This is because your SEO ranking has everything to do with your profit, sales and your success. 

If you’re an online business, the only way people can reach you is through search engines.

Google’s first result gets 30% of the clicks, which puts them in great advantage compared to their competitors. Most of the time people don’t even consider clicking on the second result of page one. This is how powerful and important SEO should be to you. 

So with all this in mind, search engine optimization becomes a natural priority for every online enterprise. However, search engines’ rules and guidelines sometimes update several times a year. The only way in which you can reach the top is if you keep track of the changes. Updating your website according to what’s current and modern will help you be a step ahead of your competitors. And that’s why, in this article, we’re going to talk about the most recent updates that will increase your SEO rankings.

1.Focus on User-Experience

One of the most important things for ranking high in 2019 is focusing on user-experience and enhancing user satisfaction. This means that if your users enjoy spending time on your website, Google will rank you high. Therefore, instead of struggling to figure out Google’s algorithm, you should focus on humans instead. Here’s the first thing you should fix if you want your users to be happy:

  • Improve Your Page Loading Speed

Did you know that if your page takes more than 3 seconds to load, 53% of your mobile users will leave and never come back? Therefore, the first thing you should do when it comes to your website loading speed checks how well your website delivers using a tool like PageSpeed Insights. After you’ve checked how your site performs it’s time to enhance its speed in order to provide a better user experience. 

 The most simple way to do this is by implementing a Content Delivery Network (CDN) which minimizes the distance between your website content and your users. Through the edge servers distributed globally, the CDN makes it possible for your users to have their requests fulfilled in no time. This is because the proxy servers and your website visitors are very close to one another geographically.


2.Produce High-Quality Content

To attract more daily users, you have to produce high-quality content. Compelling content is what attracts users and increases your spot on Google. Also, you have to make sure that the content you already have on your website is regularly updated. Something which was popular or relevant a year ago, may not be in 2019. That’s why posting up-to-date content regularly is essential for increasing your rankings.


3. The Layout Is Crucial!

The high-quality content you are going to produce should be easy to read, and structured in short paragraphs, just so it doesn’t strain your readers’ eyes. You should also use headlines to divide the text into sections just so it’s easier to scan through the article. This way the readers will easily find the section they need instead of reading the whole article.


4. Optimize Your Images

If your images aren’t optimized, then they will interfere with your website speed as well as your ranking. That’s why you should make sure that the image size and file format are adjusted. You can easily resize or compress your images in order to optimize them. Another way to optimize your images is by changing their alt text and inserting some of the most crucial keywords. This will add up to an increase in your SEO ranking.


5. Link to Authority Pages

You have to make sure that the sources where you’re getting information for your content are valid. This means that if you link to authority pages, you will get credits by Google and the credibility of your website will grow. You should link to recent pages and content, and avoid linking to something which might already be obsolete. 


6. Build a Private Blog Network

A Private Blog Network (PBN) is a connection of multiple websites that are created to provide backlinks to your money site. There are many PBN hosting providers you can choose from to provide a sense of authority to your main site. You can check them on the LaunchCDN website. The reviews show that this type of grey SEO technique has been successful and efficient for many businesses. If you choose to build a PBN to get backlinks and have your own network of sites, safety should be your priority. 


7. Provide Videos and Infographics

Your content should be spiced up with videos and infographics, just so your readers are kept interested. Nobody likes to stare at large chunks of text and that’s why this type of visuals will help you keep your audience entertained. Why don’t you consider creating an infographic for all the statistics in your article? Infographics make statistics fun, easier to remember, and stay longer in your memory. 


8. Make Your Site Mobile Friendly

Nowadays most of your end-users will use their mobile phones to reach your site. Did you know that 60% of the searches come from a mobile device? So, if your website isn’t mobile-friendly you’re making a big mistake. You aren’t going to rank high if you don’t provide a pleasant user experience to your mobile users. 


9. Take Advantage of Social Media

Using social media to expose your website is essential. According to Statista, the average social media use equals 136 minutes per day. So, you don’t want to miss all of those social media users who religiously check their feed 136 minutes per day and more. Keep your posts on social media regular, join groups, and interact with your audience. This is an effective way to increase both your followers and rankings.



Increasing your SEO rankings in 2019 isn’t easy. Google regularly updates its algorithm, and a number of new websites are on the rise – which means that you have more and more competitors every day. The best way to fight and keep up with this fast-paced environment? Focus on your users and provide them a satisfying experience on your website! Only then, will your website be able to rank high? 




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