How To Keep Watching YouTube Videos In the Background on Android

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We all love YouTube and use it to watch videos, play tracks, watch kitten videos and listen to podcasts and a lot more. It has easily become the main source of entertainment in the life of millennials. But there is one thing that rubs me the wrong way: YouTube doesn’t let you play videos on your phone in the background (or in the lock screen).

But you are in luck, there is a neat workaround you can use to avoid this restriction – and all you need is Telegram.

Here is what you have to do to play YouTube videos in lock screen:

  • Download Telegram from Google’s Play Store
  • Open a chat with yourself (or with Telegram) and drop a link to the video you want to play in the background
  • Once you click play, Telegram gives you the option to open the video in a picture-in-picture window by clicking the highlighted button
  • You will then be prompted to authorize Telegram to play videos in picture-in-picture mode
  • Click on “Settings” in the pop-up message, and enable the “Display over other apps” option
  • Go back to Telegram and play the YouTube video of choice in picture-in-picture mode
  • Lock your screen
  • Boom, the video will now keep playing in the background

Sadly, this method works only works on Android devices – so iOS users will have to look for some other workaround.

It’s also worth knowing that background play is supported in YouTube‘s paid Premium service. But if you’re too poor to shell out $12 a month for it, now you have an alternative source for convenience.

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