How To Level Up Quickly Level Up In Starfield

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Starfield” is undeniably an expansive game, boasting enormous skill trees that will require players to invest their time and dedication, pushing them beyond level 300 to achieve full mastery. That’s an extensive progression system by any standard.


Complete Missions

Regrettably, the current game balance doesn’t favor players who solely rely on completing the main and side missions to accumulate experience points. This means that if you’re looking to expedite your journey through the galaxy, you’ll need to seek alternative methods for leveling up. In this exploration, we will delve into the various strategies and avenues available for optimizing your XP gains, so let’s dive right in.

One approach to boosting your character’s level is to engage in activities beyond the storyline quests and optional missions. “Starfield” is known for its rich and immersive universe, teeming with opportunities for exploration and interaction. Consider embarking on interstellar journeys, charting uncharted planets, and unearthing hidden treasures. These endeavors can yield substantial XP rewards while allowing you to experience the game’s captivating world in all its glory.


Another avenue to gain an edge in leveling is honing your skills in the game’s various professions and specialties. The skill trees in “Starfield” are multifaceted, offering a plethora of abilities and talents to choose from. Focusing on specific skill paths can not only enhance your gameplay but also grant you more experience points as you progress. So, whether you’re inclined towards piloting starships, delving into scientific research, or mastering combat techniques, there’s a skill tree tailored to your playstyle.

Furthermore, joining or forming alliances with factions within the game can be a rewarding endeavor. Faction-based activities, such as missions, contracts, and political maneuvers, not only contribute to your character’s development but also immerse you deeper into the game’s rich narrative. Leveraging these alliances can be a strategic way to amass experience points and unlock unique abilities and rewards.

In conclusion, “Starfield” may demand a substantial commitment to reach the pinnacle of level 300 and beyond. However, by diversifying your in-game activities, focusing on skill specialization, and forming strategic alliances, you can significantly expedite your journey through the cosmos while enjoying the diverse and captivating universe this game has to offer. So, set your course for the stars and let your adventures begin!


Murder Wildlife

“We understand that it might not sit well with everyone, but the harsh truth is that in the vast universe of gaming, killing high-level wildlife on distant planets stands out as the quickest route to leveling up. It’s not just about any wildlife; you want to seek out planets teeming with fauna significantly higher in level than you currently are. Once you’ve identified such a celestial haven, it’s time to make it your own by establishing an outpost, a convenient base for your adventures, and a hub for fast travel.

With your outpost in place, it’s time to dive into the wild and get busy hunting. Unlike other adversaries, wildlife tends to be less cunning, making them easier targets and, more importantly, less time-consuming. So, for the sake of progress, set your moral compass aside and embark on a rampage through the alien ecosystem.


How To Tell What Level A System’s Wildlife Is

Now, how do you gauge the level of wildlife in a particular system? It’s a straightforward process. Hover your cursor over a system in your galaxy map, and you’ll receive an informative readout detailing all the pertinent information you need. Our recommendation is to target creatures up to 20 levels higher than your current status to maximize your gains.

Remember, even the act of planet-hopping, exploring, scanning, and establishing your outpost contributes to your experience points (XP) pool. So, this method truly stands as the most lucrative approach in the game.


Starfield: How To Level Up Quickly, Tips For Levelling Up

Now, let’s address another rather unconventional method to boost your XP: having intimate encounters with your partner in the Starfield universe. Engaging in such activities grants you a temporary 15% XP boost for roughly 20 minutes. It might seem peculiar, but don’t dismiss it. Love can be a potent motivator, so consider tying the knot in-game and reaping the benefits.

After all that action, you’ll inevitably need some rest. Thankfully, in the realm of Starfield, as in all Bethesda RPGs, resting provides you with a ‘Well Rested’ bonus, a 10% increase in XP gains for a period after you wake up. So, make sure to indulge in plenty of naps and, if you happen to get hitched in the game, watch that bonus rise to a tantalizing 15%. Keep the romantic sparks flying.

Of course, we can’t overlook the tried-and-true method of XP gain: completing missions. It might be glaringly obvious, but it remains a dependable source of experience points. While it might not be as thrilling as hunting exotic creatures, it’s still an essential part of your journey.


Sleep And Tea

For a subtler approach to XP boosts, consider indulging in some Tranquilitea or Alien Tea. Sipping on either of these concoctions provides you with temporary XP increases, much like a good night’s sleep. Admittedly, the gains are smaller, at just 2%, but every little bit counts. Take a moment to enjoy a sip and keep your progress ticking upward.

Finally, always be on the lookout for opportunities to explore and scan. It might seem like common sense, but it’s easy to forget to activate your scanner at times. Don’t overlook it, as scanning every planet, plant, resource, and creature you come across will add to your XP tally. Stretch your exploration across the galaxy map, visit new systems, and meticulously scan all the planets. As you do, you’ll find yourself ascending through the levels, unlocking valuable skills, and becoming a true force to be reckoned with.”

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