How to Manage Your PDF Files Easily and Online

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Most businesses and individuals make use of PDF files in their day-to-day work. It is therefore important to know how to manage them because they are created and come in handy when one is looking to share documents among computers as well as being able to save files in such a way that other people can view its contents but cannot be able to modify them. To do this online, there is a lot of software such as the CocoDoc free software. Also, many computers have a reading program for PDFs installed into their systems. This article seeks to discuss the several ways one can be able to manage as well as edit their PDF files;


Know how you can edit a document that is PDF

This brings about a great challenge to those who want to make changes and edits to the document especially when one does not pay to buy the software. There are several modern tools available online that enable one to edit a PDF document. One can therefore use these tools such as the CocoDoc free PDF solution document. Also one can use the Pages app on their mac computer that allows or edits this document. Another way to edit a PDF document is using a PDF editor that is found for free online. It allows you several features that are limited without requiring a paid account.


Know how to make a PDF document rotate

Another way to manage files with ease is knowing how to make a PDF document rotate. This is because certain documents such as construction plans are most times scanned in PDF file format. As a result, most images are often upside down or not well oriented as they should be viewed. It is therefore important to know how to rotate the PDF document for ease of the reader for permanent rotation of pages, software like CocoDoc free PDF solution comes in handy as it allows one to rotate their PDF document.


In the management of PDF files, there is also a need for knowledge on deleting pages from a given PDF document. This information is useful when you want to delete pages that are not needed especially to reduce the size of the file. There are several options to allow for this such as using CocoDoc free PDF solution.


Know how to merge of PDF file 

Knowing how to merge PDF files is done is another factor that is key in managing PDF files online. This happens mostly when documents are scanned severally and you need them to be merged into a single PDF file. There are several ways this can be done including using CocoDoc free PDF solution. To merge files click on Add Files, then combine files. Once they are combined into one PDF click save to save the new file at your desired location on the computer.


Protect passwords

IT is of utmost importance in managing PDF files and online to know how to keep passwords protected. This is one of the easiest ways used to secure the PDF. This is because the password provides certain security levels. You do this by selecting encrypt the document with a password, then proceed by entering the decided password twice then save the document. You can also password-protect your PDF file by using CocoDoc free PDF solution.

In the management of a PDF especially while interacting with it online. It is of utmost importance to know how to sign a PDF file. This happens often, especially where you receive contracts through PDF documents, then you are required to sign them. This can be done electronically instead of printing the documents and then signing the hard copies. A signature can be added easily using the free CocoDoc PDF solution.

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