How to Master League of Legends: A Beginner’s Guide

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League of Legends

The aim is to help those who are looking for a new starting point and those who are already interested in this game.

League of Legends (LOL) has been around since 2009 and has gone through many iterations, championship updates, and esports events.

LOL has evolved from a niche game to one of the leading competitors in esports. Dozens of teams fight side by side in the game.

In addition to tournaments and events away from home, LOL’s ranked community is extensive, paving the way for new games like Overwatch.

However, if others expect you to have certain abilities or are just too toxic to accept you, it will be difficult to enter this community. Either way, you can get a Smurf account to switch from a primary account and start by playing with a new ign (in-game name).

Although they all have diverse learning methods and use a few different techniques, the steps below are simple.


Start by Picking a Single Champion

As with any game that offers you a choice of class, race, or quirk, choosing and mastering it is the way to go.

Every match between you and the opponents lasts around 30 minutes, so you train with them, learning their skills, cooldowns, damage, and speed, as well as good accessories that match their stats and yours.

The best way to start is by buying Elo boost and with practice mode, as no other player will yell at trying new things.


Practice Last Hitting and CS

When you hit a champ and kill, the final blow is exactly what was said on the tin, giving you gold and experience. CS stands for tracepoints, usually called CS.

It will introduce your hero to the earlier part of the game, mainly for track players, not the jungle. The best place to re-practice this operation is to start in practice mode to check the normal attacks needed to kill a champ. You can kill only spells or other attacks.

Continuing to play bots or PvP games is the main focus of your training as killing your opponent’s lines will cause both of them to push the line, meaning that their tower will either kill your minions or leave their heroes without reinforcements.


Learn About Wards

The Guardian is the item that gives you and your team an overview of the map. Reveal part of the map hidden by the fog of war. There are various types of totems and guards, but the best way and situation to find a totem for you is by playing while using them.

The invisible totem provides three independent protections that will gradually fade over time. The eye protection is disposable but will be used until destroyed.

In addition to knowing the different protections and using them correctly, you should also practice and learn how far they can be placed, where it is best to place them, and how to place them over obstacles.

If it’s close enough to the wall, you can almost always throw it to the other side of the wall, usually done in the center lane to protect the jungle on both sides of the river.

League of Legends

Learn the Positions

They will often tell you to go somewhere or a small road, at the top of the driveway, in the middle of robotic arms, blue/red for jungle lovers.

These positions are usually easy to learn because your positions are not updated in every game, every season, or in-game. Once you understand these positions, you have to spend a lifetime in LOL.

Besides knowing where these spots are, you also need to understand what they mean to you, your champion, and the team. Some champions perform better on the track, while others seem unorthodox.

Junglers often summon their allies or ask their allies to request red or blue enhancements to aid them on their route or in battle with their opponents. You must first read the fans and understand if they will help your champion.


Memorize the Map

Like the study position, the map hasn’t changed much over the years, but the graphics and layout have improved.

Therefore, after understanding the map, you must restart your life. Besides the red/blue color and the stripes, there are several important places on the map.

The surrounding jungles provide invisibility against enemy troops and generally contain their guards, so try to find and destroy them.


Learn the Jungle 

The jungle is a player who mainly plays on the jungle map, focusing on the wolves, and improving the monsters that live in the jungle.

As they gain experience and items, they will start to ambush your route to help you or attack you when joining a fighting team. This form of ligation is prevalent, especially in the middle lane.

Each champion has a preferred starting bonus or side and asks for help with the game’s first game.

While junglers must understand the jungle as their pocketbook, you must also learn the basics, even if you are not a jungle. You need to know where the buff is.

You can take the monster, and if the enemy jungle roams, you should hide it.


Learn Countering

As you continue to compete, develop more as a team and move up, you will find that some champions are doing better for you or that you often lose trades.

Still, it could also mean that their champion counterattacks your hero with more defense power to nullify your attacks or make them irrelevant.


Memorize Champion Abilities and Cooldowns

Until now, you will be playing some games in practice mode and with real players. You should have noticed that each champion has different abilities, cooldowns, damage, and range of influence.

You must learn this. This might seem daunting at first when you’re up against over 130 enemies, but when it comes to PvP and rankings, that number plummets as not all champions compete. Ask your teammates or look for “popular” champions.

After completing the list, start reading your skills and understand how they affect your mastery.

All of this knowledge will prove essential in higher-level games, especially if you suspect an ambush is coming.



LOL is an ever-changing game, which includes adding new heroes, changing or removing items, adjusting heroes, etc. You should always pay attention to messages and conversations between players.

Ping is another critical factor while playing this game. Be sure to check out your ping before starting a match because it can turn the match upside down.

When making changes, you may find that your heroes are being used more or that your counters are weakened, so you must adapt to this situation.

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