How to Play Valorant: A Beginner’s Guide

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If you’re new to Valorant, the first thing to know is that communication, teamwork, and pro strategies lead to success.  Valorant is filled with challenging situations, deadly confrontations, and desperate oppositions fighting to bring your squad down like other tactical shooter games. 

That’s why you must learn everything from the game modes, game mechanics, squad compositions, and even agent uniqueness and abilities. That way, you’ll know what to do even if you’re playing for the first time. 

This article explores everything you must know to play Valorant, even as a beginner. You can even simplify the game further by investing in proven Valorant hacks from gaming professionals. 

With that said, let’s explore the game below. 


Everything to Know about Valorant


  • Understand the Gameplay 

To play Valorant, you must choose one agent to play as in the defending or attacking team. The agents or characters come from different countries of the world. Every Agent belongs to a team of five players. As a Valorant agent, you will utilize unique abilities and an ultimate ability that you’ll recharge through deaths, spike actions, or kills. When a round starts, you will go in with a pistol, and a signature ability recharges. You can buy every other weapon you want with the in-game money. 

In every round, each team will pursue an objective: spike planting for the attacking team and spike diffusion for the defending team. While the attackers push against the defenders to plant the spike, the defenders push back to prevent them from planting it or diffuse it if the attackers succeed. 

To win the unrated mode, a team must win 13 rounds out of the 25 rounds that make up a valorant match. This is why team play, communication, and tactical strategy are very important in the game.

In other modes such as Spike Rush, the rounds are 7, and any team that wins 4 rounds becomes the winner. In Deathmatch, 14 players face one another in a free-for-all match that lasts for 9 minutes. A player with more kills wins the match. Also, there is another team-based mode called Escalation with unique requirements. 


  • Meet the Agents 

Valorant Agents or playable characters are up to sixteen. So, you can play as any one of them to fall into one of the four roles in the game. The valorant agents include Astra, Brimstone, Yoru, Viper, Skye, Omen, Killjoy, Cypher, Reyna, Sova, Breach, Sage, KAY/O, Phoenix, Raze, and Jett. These agents fall under each of the following roles, Initiator, Duelist, Controller, and Sentinel. 

Every team is made of 5 agents who must play any of the different roles in Valorant. For instance, there must be a Controller, a Sentinel, Duelist, and an Initiator. So, you get to choose the agent that plays the role you like to perfection. 

For instance, the agents that play as Duelists are Yoru, Phoenix, Jett, Reyna, etc. As for Initiators, you can choose Skye, Breach, Sova, etc. If you want to play the Sentinel, go for Sage, Cypher, and Killjoy. But as for Controllers, choose Viper, Astra, Omen, or Brimstone. But as a beginner, professionals at Valorant recommend choosing Sova and Sage. That means you can be a Sentinel or an Initiator. 

  • Know the Available Weapons 

There are many types of weapons to use in Valorant. There are some primary and secondary guns such as shotguns, assault rifles, submachine guns, sniper rifles, sidearms, etc. Also, you can find automatic weapons to use or others categorized as semi-automatic weapons.  

But one thing to note is that there is no one-size-fits-all weapon in Valorant. The best weapon for you depends on your playstyle and the map you’re playing. Also, some maps may not feature your favorite weapons, and that’s why you must know the weapons and practice with them too. That way, you can use any available one when required. 

But as a beginner, pro players recommend starting with Pistol (The Ghost), SMG (The Spectre), Sniper (The Operator), Rifle (Phantom) Machine Gun (Odin). 

  • Understand the in-game Economy 

Valorant has an economic system that operates with credits.  Players earn these credits through specific actions. Some of the actions include killing enemies, Spike planting, spike diffusion, and winning or losing rounds. 

If you kill an enemy, you’ll win 200 credits. For planting the spike successfully in the attacking team, every team member gets 300 credits. For every round, your team wins enrich every member with 3000 credits. Then when a team loses a round, every member in the losing team gets 1900 credits. 

With the credits, you can buy purchasable abilities, shields, or weapons. 

Valorant may seem terrifying at first for a newbie. But when you understand the gameplay, weapons, agents, rules, and economy, you’re set. Also, if you’re struggling, consider using some hacks from reliable programmers to enjoy the game as you learn more. 


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