How to Plug Your Instrument Into Your PC

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Music is one of mankind’s ancient languages. It usually is another form of human expression since our very first ancestors walked the earth. Music has been made, replicated, produced, and studied by multiple generations.

The creation of music is comparable to how the universe works. There are infinite combinations of notes and tones. The production of musical tunes is considered unlimited and can only stop with the edges of a composer’s imagination.


Modern Technology and Music

Music has been a form of expression that signifies our most inner thoughts and feelings. It can be created by different types of musical instruments. Modern musical instruments are represented by the guitar, piano, violin, percussion, and drum sets.

The latest advancements in technology gave way to the invention of computers. Today’s computers have powerful sound devices that even mimic the finest natural tunes. Suppose you are choosing a desirable sound card, either Focusrite or PreSonus are the components at your disposal. Both sound cards produce high-quality audio while having different remarkable features.

The blend of technology and music can be witnessed during the years before and after the famous world wars. The continuous development of electronic-based audio devices gave way to refining sound output. It also gave musicians, singers, bands, and composers the gadgets to record soundtracks and include additional tones.

Nowadays, computers can be used with various applications that modify sound output. Media industries have used all these wonderful technologies to modify movie audio and music videos. The classic electronic version of musical gadgets can be controlled with analog buttons. Now, with the integration of applications and musical devices, composers and musicians can edit their creations with the aid of advanced sound cards. 

For young musicians starting to learn musical instruments, they can now use computer-empowered applications. This makes them attain knowledge quicker while retaining the proper discipline and fundamentals in playing a musical instrument. Remember that a reliable sound card is required to facilitate and process different audio variations.


Learning Musical Instruments

Learning to play an instrument is a difficult skill to develop. It can be hard and frustrating at the initial stages as your body adjusts to the natural structure of the instrument. For example, guitarists struggle with painful fingers and fingertips, drummers endure lower leg pain, and singers lose their voices once in a while. Overall, once you piece things together, you’ll be surprised by your progress and malleability in playing different notes.

There are two types of musical instruments. These are:


Electric Instruments

Electric instruments rely on integrated circuits to record music.


Acoustic Instruments

Acoustics require the attachment of a microphone and speakers to create music and propagate sound waves.


Connecting Musical Instruments to your PC

Today, technology can serve as a bridge that can aid the youth. Musical instruments can now be attached to computers and be used with compatible audio applications. Plugging your instrument into your PC can improve the sound that you create. You can easily adjust your audio output, or make changes to your musical compositions.


Electric instruments 

  • Electric guitars 
  • Keyboards
  • Electric bass

You can connect an electric instrument directly to the computer’s audio-in port. The computer audio-in port is a 1/8-inch mini input. A cable adapter is required to convert the 1/4-inch phono output of your instrument for 1/8-inch audio mini input port compatibility of your computer.

Acoustic Instruments

Acoustic Instruments are basic structured musical instruments that do not rely on electronics. This can be represented by acoustic guitars, drum sets, pianos, and vocals. You can connect any acoustic instrument and record its output by connecting a microphone to the audio-in of your computer.

Musicians can also connect an audio interface to your computer. They can then connect any microphone or instrument to the audio interface. There is a wide array of audio interfaces and compatible formats, including USB, FireWire, PCI, and PC cards.

Musical instruments are valuable in the creation and composition of modern music. There are two types of musical instruments, electric and acoustics. Electric instruments can be directly attached to a computer. Acoustic instruments require a microphone, specialized cables, and a computer port for processing and recording their audio output.

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