How to Repair Machines and Vehicles Farming Simulator 22

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Farming Simulator 22

This guide will detail how to repair your machines and vehicles in Farming Simulator 22 which will wear and tear as you progress along with the game. This covers what items are available to repair, where to get them repaired, and the things needed to do so.


How to Know That Your Vehicle Needs Repairing

As you would anticipate from a simulator as in-depth as this one, your machines won’t work forever. They, much like the crops and animals you’ll care for, need some TLC to ensure everything is at maximum quality and performance.

To be able to repair any vehicle or machinery, you’ll need to use it for a good amount of time. This is anything from sowing and harvesting crops, hauling goods, or concluding contracts. You’ll note two gauges to the right-hand side of the speedometer in the bottom right of the UI. The gauge that is crucial here is the orange one on top, with a spanner icon.

After some use, this bar will start to empty. Once this starts to happen, the performance of said vehicle or piece of machinery will fall along with it. You’ll want to fix this sooner rather than later, or your yields will start to be affected.


How to Repair Your Machines and Vehicles

With the condition gauge any degree less than full, you can go to a vehicle shop to repair it. The Vehicle Shop will be denoted with a shopping basket icon on the map, so have a look around to find one. For example, there is one just up the road from your starting farm on the Elm Creek map.

Once at the Vehicle Shop with the vehicle you want to be fixed, you’ll need to find a spanner icon to be able to start repairing. In the image below, you’ll see both the shopping basket icon in the backdrop on the right and the spanner icon on the left. NOTE: You will need to park your vehicle within the yellow and black markings outside the garage door next to the spanner icon.

Walking up to the spanner icon will give you a prompt “Dealer: Open vehicle options”. By clicking this prompt, you’ll be carried to a screen with a number of options. You can view the vehicle’s details as well as the power to sell the vehicle, customize it, repaint it and repair it.

To repair, you will want to hit the designated button displayed in the bottom left of the UI, which will require a fee representative of the degree of repairs needed. And with that, your vehicle will be fixed to mint working condition!

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