How To Save Game In Far Cry 6

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Far Cry 6

Far Cry 6 uses an auto-save system to save your progress in the game. It’s an attempted and true system that will keep track of your progress, but there are moments when you’ll exit a session, and come back, and find yourself right back at the start of a mission or a military target takeover. A system that runs perfectly until it decides that it doesn’t want to, the save setup is one that could be set with a manual save option.

The bad news here is that Far Cry 6 doesn’t have that option on Xbox One, Xbox Series X|S, PlayStation 4, or PlayStation 5. You could be taking an FND checkpoint one day, end the game, and discover that you have to do it all over again when you got back in if you don’t secure the game autosaves.

Thankfully we have a way to get around this with a guaranteed autosave, by fast-traveling to a safe zone on the map. Simply initiate fast travel to a Libertad-controlled camp or one of your rebel hideouts, and Far Cry 6 will save your progress as you spawn in that location. You’ll see the telltale save icon in the top right corner when this occurs, so check out for that as extra insurance.

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