How To Set Up Fall Detection on the Apple Watch

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The Apple Watch comes with a new useful feature called Fall Detection, this feature is available on a wide variety of different versions of the Apple Watch.

The Fall Detection feature is available on the Apple Watch SE, the Apple Watch Series 4, Series 5, Series 6, and the latest model, the Apple Watch Series 7.


How to set up Fall Detection on the Apple Watch?

The Fall Detection feature can be turned on from the Watch App on your iPhone, to turn it on you need to open the Watch app and then go to the My Watch tab then select Emergency & SOS and then turn the Fall Detection toggle to on.

Fall Detection

You have a selection of two settings here, you can choose from Always On or Only on during workouts. If you are over 55 then this feature is automatically set up when you set up your Apple Watch.


How does Fall Detection work?

The Fall Detection feature is designed to help you if you have a serious fall, if you fall over, it will automatically detect this. It will then detect whether you are moving or not and it will display the Emergency SOS on your Apple Watch display.

You can then choose to select I’m OK if you are OK and have not injured yourself, or Emergency SOS, if you select this then it will call the emergency services.

Apple Watch

If you are unconscious or incapable to move after the fall, your Apple Watch will notice this and if you have not moved for about a minute it will make an emergency call on your behalf. As well as making an emergency call, your Apple Watch will also send a message to your emergency contact from your Medical ID on your device. This message will let them know your location and that emergency services have been contacted.

It will also sound an alert that could possibly alert passers-by that you have fallen and that you need some help.


How do I set up emergency contacts and Medical ID?

If you are going to use the fall Detection feature on your device that it is important that you set up your Emergency Contact. This can be done from your iPhone by going to Settings > Health > Medical ID. Now select the ‘+’ under emergency contacts and add the contact you want to use. You can add an Emergency Contact or you can delete the one you already have and replace it with another one

The Fall Detection feature on the Apple Watch is a prominent feature and has already helped many people who have required the help of emergency services when they have had a fall. You can find out more details about the Apple Watch Fall Detection feature at Apple’s website.

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