How to Start Android App Development

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Most people around the globe own android phones. It is for this reason that many people who want to build and create mobile applications usually go the android way. This is because there will be a bigger market base for their applications. Most people also view the development of android applications to be a hectic process that requires a lot of coding and the knowledge of programming languages like Java. However, with a few lessons, you will be able to create your android app in no time. With patience and consistency to acquire more knowledge, you will also become an expert and even train others.

The android app development journey

  • Obtain the android studio

The first step would be to obtain an Integrated Development Environment (IDE) that will help you develop your application. The IDE that is available for creating android apps is mostly the android studio. This IDE is available at Google and acquiring it is very easy.

This IDE works by giving you the user interface that you will need to code your application. This IDE is also useful, as it will ensure that it notifies you whenever you make a mistake during the coding process. The other features are that it will give you suggestions of the various additional features that you can add as well as give you the opportunity to run and test all your creations.

The one factor that makes the android studio stand out is that it is an IDE that was specifically designed for Android.  This makes it easier to use, as it will come with other details like the Android SDK and the Android Virtual Device. The Android SDK carries a number of tools that you will need to develop your android app which include the android platform. The android virtual device will also give you a platform on which you can test your apps to establish whether they are working great or not. There are a lot of IDE’s that you can use and these have their strengths and weaknesses. However, android studio ranks highly because it comes with features that will make it very easy for you to create your android apps.

  • Set up the android studio

Once you have installed the Android Studio or any other IDE, the next process will be to run it. However, before doing this, you should ensure that you install Java on the device with which you will launch the android studio. Once java is installed, this is the green light that you will need to launch your IDE.

Once you have launched the android studio, you will be able to open it. On opening it, you will get a menu that will help you to configure some of the options that are available. The good thing about the android studio is that there is not much that is needed from you at this point as the IDE handles most of the work.

  • Get started on a new project

The next step will be to go to the home page of the android studio and choose the option, “Start a New Android Studio Project”. This is the beginning of your journey towards creating an Android app. Once you select this highlighted option, you will now be asked to enter the potential name of your application as well as the company domain. The application name and the company domain will be the two elements that will create the name for your android app package. This is the package that will be converted to a compiled file that will be used to identify your application on Google Play Store. The name of the package is visible to some people, which is why one is advised to come up with a credible name for their application. One will also be required to enter a directory, which is where they will save their application files.

The other thing to do under this step is to identify the device that your application will run on. This can be either phone, tablet, TV, etc. You will also have to choose the ‘minimum SDK, which is the lowest version of android. You have to choose this or another older version because many people do not have the latest android versions installed in their phones. This is, however, a personal choice, as there are those people who may opt to build the latest version whole there are those who may want to use older versions. Even though you create an app on the older version of Android, there are always ways to update this and you, therefore, have not to worry.

  • Creating the app

Now this is the most important stage. Here, you will open your app and view all the files and folders that your app is made up of. You will have layout options on your app that will make navigation easy for your users. What one should note is that they should ensure that they keep the layout of their app simple and nice. This is to ensure that users have an easy time using the app.

The other thing to do under this option is to run the application that they have created. This is simple, as you will only have to go to the run option at the top of your screen and choose the ‘run app’ option. To make this step successful, you should ensure that you have installed the Android Virtual Device that makes it possible for one to run and test the app.

  • Become a pro

The last step that you will follow in your app development is to ensure that you get good at creating your app. When you are a beginner, following these steps will help you create an app but it will not be a perfect one. The above steps will give you the basic knowledge that you will need to create your application. You can ensure that you perfect your android app development skills by practicing using the IDE every now and then. This will give you a chance to identify and learn to use different features. we will guide you through the entire journey. This is to ensure that you become an expert in no time.

There are also other multiple books and sources that you can use to ensure that you have an easy time creating your android application. This is because creating an android app is not an easy thing, as it will need a lot of time and research to perfect this skill.


Most people have the misconception that it is very complicated for someone to create an android app. This is however not the case as there are ways that one can ensure they have an easy time creating the app. There are many platforms that will act as guidance to help you become a pro in no time. One should, however, note that to become an expert in this field, you have to practice for a long period of time. No one became an expert in creating android apps overnight. Therefore, patience is the key to ensure that you are able to bring in money in the end.



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